Guys I have met…

Here are the men I have met in the past two weeks… Or has it only been a week?

GOB1- met him through his friend unintentionally on my part, but intentional on his. His friend spoke to me and got my number as friends (dude is married) and GOB1 messages me that night saying he wants to take me out. More on that date later in a different post.

GOB2 – met him by chance on the first bus to catch the second bus toward home. Total cutie. Lived in America for awhile. Might have been a chance for a date but I was too worn out from not enough sleep in the last few days to realize it. We have each others instant messenger ID though and can get in contact with each other easily.

There is another guy, but he isn’t korean and I don’t know much about him. No idea where he is from. We were just chatting and he gave me great info on how to get my teaching certification without having to go home. Not going to count him in this… As far as I know anyway.




What kind of guy I want…

I want a guy who can get me going just by seeing him. 

He also has to fit the other criteria of being  nice, intelligent,  dorky, taller than me, respectful, have a job (preferably one he enjoys);there are a few more but those are the main ones.

Final Class

I finished my last class in my Masters of Education Online.  Almost passed out right after I turned in the final.  paid for a hotel for a few hours just to nap.  I needed it.  Now the stress will completely go away after I find out if I keep the A I have in the class right now.  That would mean I graduate and I am FREE! Which would equal more time for me to walk around and explore Korea again and meet new people.  That means more posts. Also, I can concentrate fully on my learning Korean. Give me 3 months. Soon, I will be able to meet the guy I have been crushing on for the longest time here. I am awesome and so is he and we two awesome people need to meet.



– DN