…And they weren’t going to tell me.

I call my grandmother usually every day  from Skype or at least every few days.  I had been busy while I got renewed because all the running around I had to do and slacked a bit.  But she understood.

I talked to her maybe a week ago, possibly less, but time blurs here while I am teaching and stressing over open classes (another post). I found out she needed money so I sent it to her. (always do, what little I can every month.)

Well, I hadn’t been able to get a hold of her for maybe a week. No matter if I called really late my time or as I was going to work. Usually she answers.  I even tried her cell.  No answer. I had been trying to tell her I sent more money because I got paid.

I found out last night, I FINALLY got a hold of my mom ( living somewhere with sucky reception) Grandma was in the hospital (again) but needed a brain biopsy (something like that).  Mom told me Grandma had been having headaches and stuff lately (Grandma never mentioned these to me – “I’m doing fine, baby.”) and was in the hospital. She leaves that day.

I had little sleep that night (had open class the next day).

Called her on my way to work. She answered like nothing happened, but I guess from my voice she knew I had been worried and asked me if I knew where she had been.  From my tone I guess she could tell I was a bit mad.

LIVID now after open class stress is gone, happy she is okay.

Livid because, she asked me who told her.  I told her Mom did.

The other people in the family were not even going to mention it.

I wonder if they told my brother.  He is going to be LIVID.

This is like that time that Grandma had a stroke and they didn’t tell either one of us. My brother found out first, and thought I knew about it and called me pissed off asking why I didn’t tell him. Of course I told him to STFU, I just found out myself from you. We are both wonder why they think they should keep stuff like that from us.

I am 31 and he is 24. We were both pretty much raised by Grandma.  They need to tell us immediately what happens if something goes wrong.  If you can’t get both of us, one of us can get a hold of the other. We have ways.

..I will type more later in a different post.  I am getting more annoyed thinking about it. Plus, I need to get ready to leave work.