Skin Care in SoKo

My friend Reaha told me I need to do this, since I always give her some type of tip when we talk on Skype.

I have a skin care regime that I use here that works better than I could have ever hoped.

Ladies, you know when it is that time of the month and your skin breaks out just before or during. That is not an issue anymore. My face says clear, as long as I follow the regime.

Here is the $5 off coupon for your first Iherb order: OGI282

They ship internationally and fast for good prices.


Apple Cider Vinegar – You can buy this at Itaewon at the Foreign market. I will go back soon and take a picture of it for reference.
After i wash my face before I go to bed, I sometimes wipe my face with this. You only need a little on a cotton pad and go over your face and neck. Do not do this right after working out or scrubbing your face too hard because it will burn. If you notice a pimple coming up, swipe some of this on it and it will be gone the next morning or reduced. You can also use this to rinse you hair while in braids (or without braids). No shampoo/conditioner residue. Make sure you dilute it in water first or you can do it straight. I use water because those bottles of ACV are like $15 a bottle, so I make mine lasts for a few months.

Pure African Black SoapIherb – I have the liquid formula with shea butter. I wash my face and neck with it every morning and night.

Witch Hazel (no alcohol)Iherb – I use this as a toner. I spray this on my face and neck after my face is dry and rub in.

Castor Oil Iherb – I put this on my face and neck after I let the toner dry. It’s good for your feet too. It is winter time so it helps a lot and my face feels good even in the cold outside.

Antioxidant Face CreamNyraju Skin Care – I use this sometimes instead of the Castor Oil. I don’t wear makeup and this may be better in the hotter months. It’s expensive but it lasts a long time because a little goes a long way. I have played too many LoZ games because I seriously thought it was Naryu for a bit.

Also you can thank Ms.Vcharles on you tube for the tips.

Tell me how it works for you if you try it.


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