Ya’ll are going to love this…Ankh

Been getting frequent signs, from the PTB, that I should have many boyfriends before I get with my Sexy for me.

Meaning I should be casually dating.

Took me a couple of days to open up to it, because I didn’t feel like going thru stupid crap, but I have to and figure out what I want.

Like with the first Korean boyfriend. Example #1 of what I don’t want. Disrespectful dudes, who don’t show up when they specifically asked you to come see them. Then have the nerve to message 6 months later and say they want to be friends.

Yeah… No.

Now, that I am open to casual dating, I have been seeing some nice to seriously good looking men popping up wherever I go and they are speaking to me or focusing on me.
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I officially graduated Ashford.  I now have a Masters of Arts in Education with the specialization of English Language Learners. Now to work on my Korean.

Yes, that last statement can be taken in multiple ways.



What kind of guy I want…

I want a guy who can get me going just by seeing him. 

He also has to fit the other criteria of being  nice, intelligent,  dorky, taller than me, respectful, have a job (preferably one he enjoys);there are a few more but those are the main ones.

Final Class

I finished my last class in my Masters of Education Online.  Almost passed out right after I turned in the final.  paid for a hotel for a few hours just to nap.  I needed it.  Now the stress will completely go away after I find out if I keep the A I have in the class right now.  That would mean I graduate and I am FREE! Which would equal more time for me to walk around and explore Korea again and meet new people.  That means more posts. Also, I can concentrate fully on my learning Korean. Give me 3 months. Soon, I will be able to meet the guy I have been crushing on for the longest time here. I am awesome and so is he and we two awesome people need to meet.



– DN  

Vegan part 2

Update on me being vegan.

May be TMI for some guys, if any read this blog. This is your only warning there is reference to female stuff.

I was… attempting to clean up and straighten out my apartment properly when I found a pair of pants that I had bought awhile back. I bought them based on a size I was before and didn’t try them on because it was around that time and we all know we bloat up a bit. At that time I tried them on they would not button and possibly not go past my hips, or barely.

Tried them on today on a whim. I can pull them up and button them. These are brand new pants, I have never worn. Found a sweater dress too, that I had never worn and now it is getting cleaned along with my cashmere custom made coat (got it in Italy when I lived there. It’s made to fit me. Can’t believe I had that coat for about 10 years. Still my favorite.) About to buy another one, was going to buy two but I have one already and I can buy the other sweater dress later.

Now, I just need to up my workout regime. Plus, put my apartment in the order I want it.

Now, I need to get to work in combing out my hair. I am getting braids Saturday, before I decide to cut this stuff off. My hair is bak down to my collar bone. Plus, If I am upping my workouts, I do not want to deal with having to redo my hair every few days.

Should I post before and after pics?

Dude is going to be wow’d when I am done.



Decided to go vegetarian after a bout of food poisoning in Yeosu, a few months back.

Now, I am vegan. Have been for about a month. Lost 5kg (10 lbs) in 3 weeks. Feel pretty good.

What else….?

Still loving my job and in about 2 months I graduate with my Masters in Education with the specialization of English Language Learners.

Then I am DONE with school….. most likely.

I need to start studying Korean more seriously.I have heard lately that even though I don’t speak much Korean, I can speak (sound) like a native most times.

I know I have the mental capacity to be a polygot. I know random phrases in a number of languages and I still remember languages that I actually took many years ago. SLightly. I can at times figure out what someone is saying from a few key words, but I most likely won’t be able to speak it back.

Nothing much is going on that I remember at the moment. I just got back home and I am tired. I should be able to post something later. I am thinking of doing a post about people who are thinking about coming here, since I get asked that uestion frequently.


– DN

Decisions…. I have decided

I have decided.

I am going to make him drool when he sees me.

So Krav Maga and Cage Fit it is to lose that last stubborn bit.

Plus I developed a thing for Maxi dresses and long skirts.

Too hot to wear pants.

– DN

…Ya’ll are starting to piss me off


You have another package from your lawyers. It is in the office.  I told them that I will email you to pick it up. You should come quickly because I have no idea how long it has been there.  He just happened to see me walking home and tried to give it to me.

PTW – Previous Teachers Wife

Thanks for letting me know. I have no idea why or how another package was sent to you! Would you mind keeping it for us until we can figure something out?


No. My name is not on it. That is a legal document from your lawyer addressed only to you.  Specifically to you. No, I will not keep it nor pick it up. Come get it before they get rid of it in the office. Plus, you should contact your lawyers and give them your new address so this stops happening.


No need to get so testy, DN. I politely asked you for a favor. I don’t need your advice and I certainly don’t need your commands. The person who sent the package has my new address and failed to inform me they were sending anything, so it’s their mistake, not mine. There’s nothing I can do about it.

…… People that know me can imagine just what look crossed my face and what is to come. My best friend knows me and she started giggling while reading. Possibly the same look I got when PTW came to my place of work. My after school kids usually linger but that look crossed over my face in mid step, they left so quickly and quietly. Like they embodied the power of the Flash. That is another post and it will come up later.  It seems it needs to now. It is kinda long.  Sorry ya’ll.  Get a drink,  some popcorn and watch me work when people push my last nerve slightly.  I want comments too.

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…It’s locked and tired coworkers

Came into work today.  The first door was locked.  Easy enough, I can just untwist the… key I guess (it’s a strange lock) and it slides on open.  Go to the next door, my office.  The door is closed.  I go to open it and …. it’s locked.

This door is never locked.

I clearly remember before I left for the weekend that the door was open and NOT locked.

My go to the office to see if they have a key.  They are surprised it is locked. I swear I got this look — O.o;;;

The office lady comes with a bunch of keys and NONE of them are for that lock.  These are keys to the school.

My co-teacher arrives says Hi and probably vaguely wondering why I was sitting at the students’ desk eating my breakfast.

Tries the door as I tell her it is locked.

Her: O.o;;; What?!

Her and the office lady have a conversation in Korean. Which I can vaguely understand, but I figured out a bit.

There is a key to that door.


It is inside the office. OUR office.  The one behind the locked door and the backdoor is locked too but it wouldn’t do any good. It is blocked off and their is no door in the opening. It is just a wall of blue with a door frame.

Well, we had a class in a few minutes, so we went to the other class and luckily those keys were in the main office. I wen up just as the maintenance man was lie “F*** it!”  and was proceeding to bust it open with a hammer and a book. 

Strangeness of the day…

Everyone was tired.  Teachers I mean and the principal.

We just got in and we are all about to fall asleep.  Actually, I may of nodded of a time  or two while standing and saying the ABC’s with the students along with the song and when I was sitting down doing the same in a different class. I know I zoned out during the game and zoned in in time for me to say the answer for them to repeat together as a class. 

I had to drink two packs of instant coffee in my Bi coffee mug to function in the last class before lunch.

Curious note…

I wanna know what is in that room where the locked backdoor is.  It is just a wall of blue in mu office with a door frame but in the classroom there is the door that is locked.

May not want to be doing that on my own after watching Cabin in the Woods with Tempie.

Yeosu Expo and New Set up

Went to the Expo with April (Pink Fashion Ninja) and Temperance (yokotempie). Where we stayed was cheap, very nice and clean, the owner was sweet and it was literally right near everything we needed.

Saw and heard KCM sing. (NICE!)

Next heard some group called the Nine Muses.  Not sure why when there was only eight on the picture and seven were at the EXPO. I don’t remember much about them except that they were wearing yeast-infection inducing jumpsuit things with no pant legs. I could tell that from where I was.

Then there was Park Hyo Shin.  Whom the Narrative has named “Mr. Panty Dropper”.  That name is well deserved.  He can blow and had the gall to make it look easy. Yeah, I may be going to his concerts too along with Rain.

… Rain comes first though.

Then here came Rain.  I got as close to the stage as possible and he saw me and waved back. 

He sounded tired and from what I heard (read) on the radio show, he was.

Hope he gets some rest.  Maybe I will stop by and drop him off a few Vitamin C drinks and energy drinks to boost him up. I have a friend who lives on the base who can help me.

I met them through another person by chance.


Loving the new school. Still no allergies.

I will be taking my new classes after I get my severance pay which I hope is soon.  I also want to get a new smart phone.

I got a new computer.  Much needed since the main ones (laptop and netbook) have had it.

I will post a pic later on