Guys I have met…

Here are the men I have met in the past two weeks… Or has it only been a week?

GOB1- met him through his friend unintentionally on my part, but intentional on his. His friend spoke to me and got my number as friends (dude is married) and GOB1 messages me that night saying he wants to take me out. More on that date later in a different post.

GOB2 – met him by chance on the first bus to catch the second bus toward home. Total cutie. Lived in America for awhile. Might have been a chance for a date but I was too worn out from not enough sleep in the last few days to realize it. We have each others instant messenger ID though and can get in contact with each other easily.

There is another guy, but he isn’t korean and I don’t know much about him. No idea where he is from. We were just chatting and he gave me great info on how to get my teaching certification without having to go home. Not going to count him in this… As far as I know anyway.




Ya’ll are going to love this…Ankh

Been getting frequent signs, from the PTB, that I should have many boyfriends before I get with my Sexy for me.

Meaning I should be casually dating.

Took me a couple of days to open up to it, because I didn’t feel like going thru stupid crap, but I have to and figure out what I want.

Like with the first Korean boyfriend. Example #1 of what I don’t want. Disrespectful dudes, who don’t show up when they specifically asked you to come see them. Then have the nerve to message 6 months later and say they want to be friends.

Yeah… No.

Now, that I am open to casual dating, I have been seeing some nice to seriously good looking men popping up wherever I go and they are speaking to me or focusing on me.
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“Put it in your mouth!” + my experiences in Korea

I was pissed off Friday so after work, I packed up and went to Deagu.  I told my friends a week before that I was going down there anyway, but I came a day early.

I met My Korean friend M and his cousin. He usually brings another person along because he is not comfortable with his English and my Korean is not that good either.

I met his cousin (whom is gorgeous) and she is very nice. They took me to get dinner because I had not eaten dinner (that was how mad I was as I was leaving).  I guess it was obvious I was still hungry because he bought me another shrimp burger and some fries.  He reordered the fries because he noticed I do not like them cold.

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Ankh said I left stuff out…

What I left out…

But first, here is a note to any guys that read this. I suggest if you want to break it off with your girlfriend and not have all your stuff out there, you make sure you do it on good terms.  Be damn sure you do it on good terms. If not, well some women name names and all that.  I am not one of them.   No boyfriend’s name or ex-boyfriend’s name is on here; neither is their picture.  The picture you see are friends of mine and that is all.

This was a long time coming.

After an instant messaging chat with Ankh, she made me realize that I left a lot of stuff out of the post about the Ex-Boyfriend.

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Message to the Boyfriend…

You are not a man.

You are a boy.

Actually, you are not even a boy.

My elementary school students are more reliable than you and they are Kindy – 6th graders.

You are a pussy.

We are done.

I don’t even want to be friends.

That is how done we are.

Yeah, you BEYOND royally fucked up.

Now, I am going to go find me a sexy, reliable, MAN.

— DN