DN Life Update

Sup?  Been awhile. I have been thinking about blogging, but it is so hot here, I just get home and veg in front of the fan.

Basically because my apt – although big (3 bedroom I don’t have to share or pay for) does not have air condition.  I will have to get that portable air con/ heater/ humidifier one somewhere. That way whenever I have to move, I can take it with me.

This is what has been going on…

1. I may start a blog on one of my hobbies, or just post it here until it gets big enough. I stay at 4 or 5 star hotels in Korea for way cheaper. Like this one time, I stayed at a 4 or 5 star hotel in Myeongdong (shopping galore) for 4 days and nights for a little over $530 bucks.  The room I had was originally $220 a night. That room was big enough for me to do my running app inside.

2. I started locs… 3 times. This last time I did myself.

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Guys I have met…

Here are the men I have met in the past two weeks… Or has it only been a week?

GOB1- met him through his friend unintentionally on my part, but intentional on his. His friend spoke to me and got my number as friends (dude is married) and GOB1 messages me that night saying he wants to take me out. More on that date later in a different post.

GOB2 – met him by chance on the first bus to catch the second bus toward home. Total cutie. Lived in America for awhile. Might have been a chance for a date but I was too worn out from not enough sleep in the last few days to realize it. We have each others instant messenger ID though and can get in contact with each other easily.

There is another guy, but he isn’t korean and I don’t know much about him. No idea where he is from. We were just chatting and he gave me great info on how to get my teaching certification without having to go home. Not going to count him in this… As far as I know anyway.



Vegan part 2

Update on me being vegan.

May be TMI for some guys, if any read this blog. This is your only warning there is reference to female stuff.

I was… attempting to clean up and straighten out my apartment properly when I found a pair of pants that I had bought awhile back. I bought them based on a size I was before and didn’t try them on because it was around that time and we all know we bloat up a bit. At that time I tried them on they would not button and possibly not go past my hips, or barely.

Tried them on today on a whim. I can pull them up and button them. These are brand new pants, I have never worn. Found a sweater dress too, that I had never worn and now it is getting cleaned along with my cashmere custom made coat (got it in Italy when I lived there. It’s made to fit me. Can’t believe I had that coat for about 10 years. Still my favorite.) About to buy another one, was going to buy two but I have one already and I can buy the other sweater dress later.

Now, I just need to up my workout regime. Plus, put my apartment in the order I want it.

Now, I need to get to work in combing out my hair. I am getting braids Saturday, before I decide to cut this stuff off. My hair is bak down to my collar bone. Plus, If I am upping my workouts, I do not want to deal with having to redo my hair every few days.

Should I post before and after pics?

Dude is going to be wow’d when I am done.



Decided to go vegetarian after a bout of food poisoning in Yeosu, a few months back.

Now, I am vegan. Have been for about a month. Lost 5kg (10 lbs) in 3 weeks. Feel pretty good.

What else….?

Still loving my job and in about 2 months I graduate with my Masters in Education with the specialization of English Language Learners.

Then I am DONE with school….. most likely.

I need to start studying Korean more seriously.I have heard lately that even though I don’t speak much Korean, I can speak (sound) like a native most times.

I know I have the mental capacity to be a polygot. I know random phrases in a number of languages and I still remember languages that I actually took many years ago. SLightly. I can at times figure out what someone is saying from a few key words, but I most likely won’t be able to speak it back.

Nothing much is going on that I remember at the moment. I just got back home and I am tired. I should be able to post something later. I am thinking of doing a post about people who are thinking about coming here, since I get asked that uestion frequently.


– DN

…Ya’ll are starting to piss me off


You have another package from your lawyers. It is in the office.  I told them that I will email you to pick it up. You should come quickly because I have no idea how long it has been there.  He just happened to see me walking home and tried to give it to me.

PTW – Previous Teachers Wife

Thanks for letting me know. I have no idea why or how another package was sent to you! Would you mind keeping it for us until we can figure something out?


No. My name is not on it. That is a legal document from your lawyer addressed only to you.  Specifically to you. No, I will not keep it nor pick it up. Come get it before they get rid of it in the office. Plus, you should contact your lawyers and give them your new address so this stops happening.


No need to get so testy, DN. I politely asked you for a favor. I don’t need your advice and I certainly don’t need your commands. The person who sent the package has my new address and failed to inform me they were sending anything, so it’s their mistake, not mine. There’s nothing I can do about it.

…… People that know me can imagine just what look crossed my face and what is to come. My best friend knows me and she started giggling while reading. Possibly the same look I got when PTW came to my place of work. My after school kids usually linger but that look crossed over my face in mid step, they left so quickly and quietly. Like they embodied the power of the Flash. That is another post and it will come up later.  It seems it needs to now. It is kinda long.  Sorry ya’ll.  Get a drink,  some popcorn and watch me work when people push my last nerve slightly.  I want comments too.

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Today’s agenda

Today was an easy day.

Doing some Korean foot soak that I got from the body shop. It is supposed to make your feet all smooth like baby feet. I am supposed to let them soak in e special solution for an hour then wash my feet again. Then of the next four to six days my feet will easily peel away the dead skin and then be smooth. I think I read it correctly. I am still working on my Korean so I got the gist of it.

Doing all this while detailing and deep conditioning my hair so I can do my new staple style that works well for me. Twists and all that take to long and this style takes about hour and has way less breakage. I can also be able to redo it after my workouts which is essential. Quick and easy because I have too much stuff I would like to do then sit on my butt all day messing with my hair, unless I really feel like it.

Doing a few loads of laundry too.

While watching a Supernatural marathon of season seven on T.V.

Update on the LASEK… I now have better than 20/20 vision so far and it has been only a month.

Kraft Maga – I found out from the Dr. that I can take the class and I could have started taking it two weeks after my surgery.

Update on my previous post… Met the last teacher and his wife and kid for a few minutes. I gave them their stuff and they gave me the extra keys to the house that they had and the electronic dictionary translator that belonged to the school in the first place. I think I may ask to get my locks changed. The guy is cute but he still gives me the impression of an asshole. His wife seems nice too and I now know whose hair I keep finding all over the place. Now that their stuff is out my apartment I finally am able to unpack and clean up the way I want to. I don’t know why I couldn’t in the beginning but I feel like the apartment is fully mine.

After I finish cleaning and putting away my things I will put a post of my new apartment. He said in the email the apartment was horrible but it is great in my eyes. I have three rooms, an office, a storage room and my bedroom that I have yet to sleep in because the bed is too big for my sheets and I want to clean up more. I swear they never swept under that bed at all there is such a layer of dust.

I also for no out that he had no control over the Kindy class and gave them candy all the time. They will find out from me that is not going to happen unless you get a certain amount of stickers for good behavior and participation. You get those then I will give you candy. He was surprised I had them in control in one class.

More updates later. I will be buying a new computer, desktop this time, to do my work and all that.

After that I will be concentrating on learning more Korean.

How is everyone?

– DN

…Did I come across clearly enough?

New Job = ^___^

Co Workers = ^___^

Location = ^___^

Students (that I have met so far) = ^____^ (little psychopaths. Cute and fun though.)

No Allergies = ^_________________________________^

Now for the   (side eye)

Emailed previous teacher and got 2 emails back, but I didn’t really read before replying back like normal.  I sat down and actually read it and just felt the ire stirring when I thought about it.  Here goes the 6th sense again.

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LASEK Day 1 – 6

DAy 1 – Got lasek took about 10 minutes for the whole procedure. Possibly less.  Freky!

Day 2 – I CAN SEE! No pain.  Bright Lights suck.

Day 3 – Happy Bday to me (will post more on that later) Slept  till 3. Bright lights still scuk.. Nose and eyes are faucets.

Day 4 – Went to work, Bright lucks suck harder than ever and the computer screen is the Devil at the moment. Much later after putting more drops in my swelling of my eyes went down and I could see..  I graduaully got better as the day went on.  nose has been running like crazy and my eyes had been watering a lot.

Day 5:  I can see pretty well now. No watering eyes, the light doesn’t bother me as much.  I can look at the computer screen for longer periods of time but I have to enlarge the  print so I can read it. Went back and they took the bandage contact lenses out my eyes.  They say I am doing well.

Day 5 –  No water eyes.  I can see and stand to look at the computer and TV now. I can wash my hair ( but I wear swimming goggles when i do this just in case)  May do that for now on, so much easier when i can see and don’t have to worry about getting soap in my eyes.  I have to be careful especially today and tomorrow to not get any eye trauma because it will hurt  like hell he says.  Not in those words but I got the point.

Day 6: At work. Still a bit blurry but can see and still have to blow up the font large.

More later…