I met a Mother Father Gentleman

I met a real GENTLEMAN.

I didn’t even realize how much of one he was until two days later, I saw one of Kurosune’s post on Facebook. The one about her boss and some other guys talking about how men are now-a-days compared to 30 to 40 years ago.

It got me thinking after reading that post.

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Ya’ll are going to love this…Ankh

Been getting frequent signs, from the PTB, that I should have many boyfriends before I get with my Sexy for me.

Meaning I should be casually dating.

Took me a couple of days to open up to it, because I didn’t feel like going thru stupid crap, but I have to and figure out what I want.

Like with the first Korean boyfriend. Example #1 of what I don’t want. Disrespectful dudes, who don’t show up when they specifically asked you to come see them. Then have the nerve to message 6 months later and say they want to be friends.

Yeah… No.

Now, that I am open to casual dating, I have been seeing some nice to seriously good looking men popping up wherever I go and they are speaking to me or focusing on me.
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Meeting Ankh

I went home for about a week and a half.  I had a bunch of things to do and a lot of people I wanted to see. I was too jet lagged to actually do it but got to see a few cool people and get the most important things done — IRS Taxes from when I left and Fingerprints done and sent to FBI so I can apply for new jobs again.

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“Put it in your mouth!” + my experiences in Korea

I was pissed off Friday so after work, I packed up and went to Deagu.  I told my friends a week before that I was going down there anyway, but I came a day early.

I met My Korean friend M and his cousin. He usually brings another person along because he is not comfortable with his English and my Korean is not that good either.

I met his cousin (whom is gorgeous) and she is very nice. They took me to get dinner because I had not eaten dinner (that was how mad I was as I was leaving).  I guess it was obvious I was still hungry because he bought me another shrimp burger and some fries.  He reordered the fries because he noticed I do not like them cold.

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Deagu for the first time…

I went to Deagu to see Sexy in concert.

I was in standing seats and I was close enough to see his golden zipper.  Even closer I would have seen the individual duvets of it.

My lord that man can move his hips as slow or fast as you like.  He gives me ideas. I need to start writing again.

My lord that is a great show to see. I was exhausted after ward.

I even got to shake hands with In Sooni. She looks wonderful.

Two more shows in Seoul.  Then I think it is the start of his hiatus for military duty.  Not sure but I will still be here and waiting when he gets out.

That gets me thinking that when he is done with the military he is going to have that extra “Rawr” factor and swagger.

People said I got it after I went to the military. I am basing this off a comment one guy told me here.

Guy: When I look at you I can tell you are a very sweet person but I also get the feeling I should be scared of you and not get on your bad side.

Me (bemused smile): Really?

Guy: Yeah…(grin)  I like it.

Me: Lol!

Sexy is going to be the death of us.

My birthday was Friday…

A few of the teachers I work with at the school threw me a little surprise bday party/ going away party for me.  It cam with piza and cake.  The pizza was ulike anything I had ever seen before and was pretty good. (I picked off the olives, I don’t like those.) The cake was delicious.

One of my students gave me index cards as a birthday gift and said “Teacher…study!” Their way of telling me to study Korean.

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