Questions and what’s going to happen…

I am going to be updating more often, mostly daily.

I am trying to see how much money I can save in a month with all my expenses and bills here. It is an idea from Ramit Sethi, I Will Teach You to Be Rich.

Not sure it will be $1000, but every little bit helps.  So I will be keeping a daily diary to see how I am doing and to keep track of everything.

Also, I will be posting my bradelocz journey and daily/weekly life.

Oh yeah, I was told that comments could not be posted on my update post last time.

Is anyone else having problems or still having problems?

Post anywhere and I will get the message.




DN Life Update

Sup?  Been awhile. I have been thinking about blogging, but it is so hot here, I just get home and veg in front of the fan.

Basically because my apt – although big (3 bedroom I don’t have to share or pay for) does not have air condition.  I will have to get that portable air con/ heater/ humidifier one somewhere. That way whenever I have to move, I can take it with me.

This is what has been going on…

1. I may start a blog on one of my hobbies, or just post it here until it gets big enough. I stay at 4 or 5 star hotels in Korea for way cheaper. Like this one time, I stayed at a 4 or 5 star hotel in Myeongdong (shopping galore) for 4 days and nights for a little over $530 bucks.  The room I had was originally $220 a night. That room was big enough for me to do my running app inside.

2. I started locs… 3 times. This last time I did myself.

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LASEK Day 1 – 6

DAy 1 – Got lasek took about 10 minutes for the whole procedure. Possibly less.  Freky!

Day 2 – I CAN SEE! No pain.  Bright Lights suck.

Day 3 – Happy Bday to me (will post more on that later) Slept  till 3. Bright lights still scuk.. Nose and eyes are faucets.

Day 4 – Went to work, Bright lucks suck harder than ever and the computer screen is the Devil at the moment. Much later after putting more drops in my swelling of my eyes went down and I could see..  I graduaully got better as the day went on.  nose has been running like crazy and my eyes had been watering a lot.

Day 5:  I can see pretty well now. No watering eyes, the light doesn’t bother me as much.  I can look at the computer screen for longer periods of time but I have to enlarge the  print so I can read it. Went back and they took the bandage contact lenses out my eyes.  They say I am doing well.

Day 5 –  No water eyes.  I can see and stand to look at the computer and TV now. I can wash my hair ( but I wear swimming goggles when i do this just in case)  May do that for now on, so much easier when i can see and don’t have to worry about getting soap in my eyes.  I have to be careful especially today and tomorrow to not get any eye trauma because it will hurt  like hell he says.  Not in those words but I got the point.

Day 6: At work. Still a bit blurry but can see and still have to blow up the font large.

More later…