DN Life Update

Sup?  Been awhile. I have been thinking about blogging, but it is so hot here, I just get home and veg in front of the fan.

Basically because my apt – although big (3 bedroom I don’t have to share or pay for) does not have air condition.  I will have to get that portable air con/ heater/ humidifier one somewhere. That way whenever I have to move, I can take it with me.

This is what has been going on…

1. I may start a blog on one of my hobbies, or just post it here until it gets big enough. I stay at 4 or 5 star hotels in Korea for way cheaper. Like this one time, I stayed at a 4 or 5 star hotel in Myeongdong (shopping galore) for 4 days and nights for a little over $530 bucks.  The room I had was originally $220 a night. That room was big enough for me to do my running app inside.

2. I started locs… 3 times. This last time I did myself.

1st time – I had palm rolled coils in my head, but the front started locking in about a week and a half while the back was like F*CK YOUR LOCS!. Plus, I was going in side not being able to wash my hair.

2nd time – I got them crocheted in.  It took SO LONG to finish. I went at 7 pm and finished at 4 am. Kept them in for about a week and decided I did not like the size and I had to wear a scarf all the time because they were not laying down like I wanted them too.  It is too hot for that. And my head was in pain from how much she tightened them and I actually had to take tylenol. After I comber them out, my head felt much better.

3rd time – I did these myself.  I am starting my locs with bradelocz. I did my research and this fits every criteria.

  • I can wash my hair whenever I like. (seriously it is HOT)
  • I can do it myself
  • I don’t need product
  • I can maintain them myself
  • I can wear these to work as is

Took me 2 days to put them in… well the front took me a few hours with many breaks because I was messing around.  THe back did not take long at all. I guess it is because I got into the groove of things and it was easier. I will post pictures later of all instances.

ANother thing that is going on is that I signed up for Korean class that is convenient for me, I only need my computer, plus a good internet connection and it is small classes I can do from home or wherever I am at the time.

I am preparing for the TOPIK Test Basic Level 1.  It is the official test to ascertain your Korean ability.  WHen I pass it, I can put it on my resume and go on to the next levels. This can open up doors for me, too.

I am also going to figure out how to get my teaching certification while working here.  I know it is possible, but I need to find the information again. I hear people did the classes while working and took the test in London.

How have you guys been doing? Does anyone still read this?

– DN



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