I met a Mother Father Gentleman

I met a real GENTLEMAN.

I didn’t even realize how much of one he was until two days later, I saw one of Kurosune’s post on Facebook. The one about her boss and some other guys talking about how men are now-a-days compared to 30 to 40 years ago.

It got me thinking after reading that post.

He walked on the side that was closest to traffic, even though it was a very wide street.  He let me go through first through the door (it was already propped open) and on the escalator. When I started to walk on the traffic side, he gently steered me to the other side away from it, without me even noticing.

The Gentleman… This will be his official name on this blog. ‘Cause how many actual gentlemen do you meet by chance, at a vegan buffet. (Too hot to be walking and I was hungry. I can wait 20-30 minutes because I KNOW the food is awesome there. The ladies know me and let me sit in the air condition. It was almost 90 degrees outside.) 

All because I was laughing at this picture.

We started talking afterward and he joined me at my table.

What I learned:

  • He is British.
  • Yes, he has the accent. Not sure what his ethnic background is, but I didn’t really think about it because we were having a good conversation. And he has nice brown eyes.
  • He is cute, tall, intelligent and speaks 9 languages.
  • To name the ones I remember (well could hear because the restaurant was getting loud): Portuguese, Arabic, a dialect of Ethiopia (Mursi?) French, of course English etc…
  • Working as a translator.
  • He is hoping to get a book published. It is about religion and politic. Pretty sure it is going to piss off the really religious people and my feeling is he is going to be like this or this.
  • He thought I was English, from the way I was sitting. Apparently, I have an English air about me. Not the first person to mistake me for being from England.
  • Looked surprised that I have been here for over 3 years and loving it.
  • He has traveled a good bit.
  • Youngest and I am pretty sure the only male out of 7 sisters.  Yeah, 7 older sisters.
  • He is 29. Doesn’t seem to give a care that I am older than him either.
  • He even called me sweet heart a couple of times and I did not give the usual reaction I would to some other person who called me that –unless they are Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad (key word here is FAMILY)– would have gotten in trouble with me and murdered with my eyes and eviscerated with my words.  Of course, The Gentleman, approached and treated me like a lady.

Let’s summarize this.

I would love to meet him again and have another conversation.  He was such a gentleman that he actually overshadowed Sexy.

The real shame is, it took me a couple of days and reading a post to realize he was a REAL gentleman.

Kurosune, I think your boss was right. You can tell or show him that, too.

– Digital Nogitsune (DN)



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