Awesome and Strange ~Blast from the Past

This was a post I was going to do in March 2012. I did the notes on my iPod and forgot about it.

Here it is. This is when I went to the Peace concert here in Korea. This is when Sexy just went to the military and was performing there.


I ninja’d my way into there.  Not sure how I do this stuff, but I usually walk in like I was supposed to be there and you can’t tell me jack.

It was COLD!!

Took me about 45 minutes to get there.  I stopped and ate at the soldier cafeteria. I got there in time because I had some help. I think they showed me a new way to get there.

I have no idea what I wrote, I think it was auto correct.

The concert was in English and in Korean.  First performer was Park Hyo Shin. Cutie. He song two songs and one of them was in English.

Another soldier sung, don’t remember his name, then there was opera and another soldier.

IN SOONI!  (DO I need to say anymore?!)

Rain… my lord his rear looked fantastic in that suit.  Military was doing his body good. There was nothing wrong in the first place, but still. DAMN!

Awesome is over and now for the strange…

Concert ended earlier than I expected, so I went back to the bus terminal and changed my ticket to an earlier bus.

I sat in my usual place (restaurant lady knows me and lets me sit and wait for my bus) and dude walks in from the side and turns his back to me.  He is not right in front of me, he is away from me enough. Well, he turns his back to me and unzips his pants and … adjusts (?). No one even noticed, because they were watching the Kdrama on the T.V.  Heck, even he was watching it while he was doing it.

Then he went about his business.

Yeah, not even the strangest shit I have seen or heard that has happened here.  I got stories.

– DN



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