Ya’ll are going to love this…Ankh

Been getting frequent signs, from the PTB, that I should have many boyfriends before I get with my Sexy for me.

Meaning I should be casually dating.

Took me a couple of days to open up to it, because I didn’t feel like going thru stupid crap, but I have to and figure out what I want.

Like with the first Korean boyfriend. Example #1 of what I don’t want. Disrespectful dudes, who don’t show up when they specifically asked you to come see them. Then have the nerve to message 6 months later and say they want to be friends.

Yeah… No.

Now, that I am open to casual dating, I have been seeing some nice to seriously good looking men popping up wherever I go and they are speaking to me or focusing on me.

This one place where I can get a vegan veggie burger along with my friends while they get there
regular burgers; this one dude is a cutie with a nice butt. He knows my name too. Found out his age and name today. He is 27. We will call him Burger guy with a nice ass (BGNA). No pics just in case. Pink fashion ninja has seen him and agrees that he is cute.

On the bus home, met two other guys. They were friends. One didn’t speak much English, but his friend whom is also his boss I learned thru our conversation, did enough for us to understand each other. He told me his friend liked my personality. Thru our conversation, I learned the boss was 10 years older and married with kids and his friend and I are around the same age.

The boss asked for my number, at first I was like “You’re married.” He assured me it was just as friends ( and I found out later for his friend). Got a text message later on, I think he tried to call me but hung up because he was nervous about his English. (They were a little tipsy) he said I was the perfect woman and asked if I had a Korean boyfriend. I told him no and he said he is the perfect boy and we should go out tomorrow if I am free. I had already made plans and told him so. So I said maybe another time so he picked the 24th. I said okay.

Movie date somewhere in my town on the 24th.

No, I don’t know his name. We will call him bus guy’s friend(30) – BGF30

Should I make a casual dating series as this goes on?

Oh yeah, my contract will be renewed in April at the same school. No moving.



4 comments on “Ya’ll are going to love this…Ankh

  1. Should I make a casual dating series as this goes on? Yes, you should make a casual dating series, let us know how everything goes.


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