Final Class

I finished my last class in my Masters of Education Online.  Almost passed out right after I turned in the final.  paid for a hotel for a few hours just to nap.  I needed it.  Now the stress will completely go away after I find out if I keep the A I have in the class right now.  That would mean I graduate and I am FREE! Which would equal more time for me to walk around and explore Korea again and meet new people.  That means more posts. Also, I can concentrate fully on my learning Korean. Give me 3 months. Soon, I will be able to meet the guy I have been crushing on for the longest time here. I am awesome and so is he and we two awesome people need to meet.



– DN  


3 comments on “Final Class

  1. Hey that’s great! Congratulations. I’m sure you got an A! Can’t wait to read more of your posts and see any photos you post up too.


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