Vegan part 2

Update on me being vegan.

May be TMI for some guys, if any read this blog. This is your only warning there is reference to female stuff.

I was… attempting to clean up and straighten out my apartment properly when I found a pair of pants that I had bought awhile back. I bought them based on a size I was before and didn’t try them on because it was around that time and we all know we bloat up a bit. At that time I tried them on they would not button and possibly not go past my hips, or barely.

Tried them on today on a whim. I can pull them up and button them. These are brand new pants, I have never worn. Found a sweater dress too, that I had never worn and now it is getting cleaned along with my cashmere custom made coat (got it in Italy when I lived there. It’s made to fit me. Can’t believe I had that coat for about 10 years. Still my favorite.) About to buy another one, was going to buy two but I have one already and I can buy the other sweater dress later.

Now, I just need to up my workout regime. Plus, put my apartment in the order I want it.

Now, I need to get to work in combing out my hair. I am getting braids Saturday, before I decide to cut this stuff off. My hair is bak down to my collar bone. Plus, If I am upping my workouts, I do not want to deal with having to redo my hair every few days.

Should I post before and after pics?

Dude is going to be wow’d when I am done.



8 comments on “Vegan part 2

  1. Great that you’re giving Veganism a try. I tried it too, but it only lasted about a month. I totally started missing the taste of real food conpared to the not meat “meat” that was had to prepare. Keep at it is a good way to lose weight and stuff.


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