Decided to go vegetarian after a bout of food poisoning in Yeosu, a few months back.

Now, I am vegan. Have been for about a month. Lost 5kg (10 lbs) in 3 weeks. Feel pretty good.

What else….?

Still loving my job and in about 2 months I graduate with my Masters in Education with the specialization of English Language Learners.

Then I am DONE with school….. most likely.

I need to start studying Korean more seriously.I have heard lately that even though I don’t speak much Korean, I can speak (sound) like a native most times.

I know I have the mental capacity to be a polygot. I know random phrases in a number of languages and I still remember languages that I actually took many years ago. SLightly. I can at times figure out what someone is saying from a few key words, but I most likely won’t be able to speak it back.

Nothing much is going on that I remember at the moment. I just got back home and I am tired. I should be able to post something later. I am thinking of doing a post about people who are thinking about coming here, since I get asked that uestion frequently.


– DN


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