…Ya’ll are starting to piss me off


You have another package from your lawyers. It is in the office.  I told them that I will email you to pick it up. You should come quickly because I have no idea how long it has been there.  He just happened to see me walking home and tried to give it to me.

PTW – Previous Teachers Wife

Thanks for letting me know. I have no idea why or how another package was sent to you! Would you mind keeping it for us until we can figure something out?


No. My name is not on it. That is a legal document from your lawyer addressed only to you.  Specifically to you. No, I will not keep it nor pick it up. Come get it before they get rid of it in the office. Plus, you should contact your lawyers and give them your new address so this stops happening.


No need to get so testy, DN. I politely asked you for a favor. I don’t need your advice and I certainly don’t need your commands. The person who sent the package has my new address and failed to inform me they were sending anything, so it’s their mistake, not mine. There’s nothing I can do about it.

…… People that know me can imagine just what look crossed my face and what is to come. My best friend knows me and she started giggling while reading. Possibly the same look I got when PTW came to my place of work. My after school kids usually linger but that look crossed over my face in mid step, they left so quickly and quietly. Like they embodied the power of the Flash. That is another post and it will come up later.  It seems it needs to now. It is kinda long.  Sorry ya’ll.  Get a drink,  some popcorn and watch me work when people push my last nerve slightly.  I want comments too.

There is reason to get testy, which I wasn’t.  I was being very straightforward and blunt because you don’t seem to get the hint.

It was  a LEGAL document which no one in their right mind would accept in the place of the owner unless they were family or a really close friend.
The people who sent that are apparently having serious communication issues if they are not listening or telling you that you should be expecting a package from them.
I do not do favors for people who I do not know. I know of you as the wife of the last teacher, your name is PTW and you have a cute kid.  I was being polite the first couple of packages because, I know switching schools can get hectic and you left a few things. Heck, I did the same, but it was nothing personal and that the next teacher could not use themselves. The only reason I took and kept the first package was because I didn’t really look at it and since I still had your stuff I put it in the bag with it then forgot about it. You picked it up, all was well. The lost phone thing, it happens, no problem.
I was thinking, “Okay, we NEVER have to see or hear from each other again.”
All was good until you emailed me about that Iherb situation.
I had no problem with it and I notified you it was in the office when I saw the note and I promptly forgot about it after the email.
I understand, sometimes you just click out of habit.
Again, I was thinking: “Okay, we NEVER have to see or hear from each other again.”
The only person who seems to be keeping to this unspoken bargain (that pretty much every foreign teacher follows, whether they realize it or not) is PT. Only time we might run into each other is GEPIK training.
Then you show up at my school asking about said package that was in the apartment security office when I told you about it.
If I had picked it up, I would said that in the email.
They probably sent it back because you took your sweet time to pick it up. Which is way I suggested you should hurry in the last email because I don’t know when it got there. He just happened to see me and thought it was mine. FedEx didn’t leave a note. Plus, when he asked me when you will pick it up and I told him I don’t know. We are not friends. We don’t talk to each other. From the look that crossed his face after my friend translated, you might have 2 or 3 days. Depends on the person working.
In summary:
No need to get so testy – I wasn’t. I was being very blunt and to the point.  You are not getting the hint.
I politely asked you for a favor. – That’s rude. We are not friends and I am not obligated to even tell you that you had a package. I could have told them to send it back.  I was just being polite.
I don’t need your advice and I certainly don’t need your commands. – It was a suggestion because the security people are about to toss it.  Take it or leave it, I don’t care.
The person who sent the package has my new address and failed to inform me they were sending anything, so it’s their mistake, not mine. – Not my problem. You’re the one missing important documents.  Plus, considering what is in important documents you may want to make sure they actually paid attention.
There’s nothing I can do about it. –  Yes, you can. You aren’t an idiot.  Make sure they got your information correct and know you want to be informed when they send you documents. That is what you pay them for. It is not like you are in America, where you can just easily go pick it up at the post office or they redeliver it. Politely light a fire under them. There are so many reasons you should be worried about your legal stuff being in someone else’s hands.
You are hung up on thinking I am being testy.
After this, here is what I am thinking:
We never have to hear from or see each other ever again.

– DN
P.S. Now you can say I am being testy.

6 comments on “…Ya’ll are starting to piss me off

  1. She has some nerve. She doesn’t know you! You aren’t best friends! Sorry you have to deal with people like that. My mom always say if you’re too nice people will walk all over you. So you didn’t do anything wrong.


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