…It’s locked and tired coworkers

Came into work today.  The first door was locked.  Easy enough, I can just untwist the… key I guess (it’s a strange lock) and it slides on open.  Go to the next door, my office.  The door is closed.  I go to open it and …. it’s locked.

This door is never locked.

I clearly remember before I left for the weekend that the door was open and NOT locked.

My go to the office to see if they have a key.  They are surprised it is locked. I swear I got this look — O.o;;;

The office lady comes with a bunch of keys and NONE of them are for that lock.  These are keys to the school.

My co-teacher arrives says Hi and probably vaguely wondering why I was sitting at the students’ desk eating my breakfast.

Tries the door as I tell her it is locked.

Her: O.o;;; What?!

Her and the office lady have a conversation in Korean. Which I can vaguely understand, but I figured out a bit.

There is a key to that door.


It is inside the office. OUR office.  The one behind the locked door and the backdoor is locked too but it wouldn’t do any good. It is blocked off and their is no door in the opening. It is just a wall of blue with a door frame.

Well, we had a class in a few minutes, so we went to the other class and luckily those keys were in the main office. I wen up just as the maintenance man was lie “F*** it!”  and was proceeding to bust it open with a hammer and a book. 

Strangeness of the day…

Everyone was tired.  Teachers I mean and the principal.

We just got in and we are all about to fall asleep.  Actually, I may of nodded of a time  or two while standing and saying the ABC’s with the students along with the song and when I was sitting down doing the same in a different class. I know I zoned out during the game and zoned in in time for me to say the answer for them to repeat together as a class. 

I had to drink two packs of instant coffee in my Bi coffee mug to function in the last class before lunch.

Curious note…

I wanna know what is in that room where the locked backdoor is.  It is just a wall of blue in mu office with a door frame but in the classroom there is the door that is locked.

May not want to be doing that on my own after watching Cabin in the Woods with Tempie.


4 comments on “…It’s locked and tired coworkers

  1. Sounds like a scary movie o.o a locked door and drowsy teachers. I’m sure it was probably an accident or something.. The maintenance man sounds funny.

    • It was sort of scary but I mainly remember the funny parts. Now my curiosity is peaked and I want to know the actual lore on some of what I saw in the movie. According to Tempie, they got it right in the movie.

  2. Can’t wait for your next post? So hmmm…for people like me who don’t get stuff until you spell it out sometimes…what is your relationship with the hotness that is Rain?

    • No idea. Been wondering about that for about two years. I have recently decided not to think about it so much anymore and see what happens. We’ve never been still long enough to get to know each other by more then sight. Not even sure he really knows my name. No matter. PTB will decide.


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