Yeosu Expo and New Set up

Went to the Expo with April (Pink Fashion Ninja) and Temperance (yokotempie). Where we stayed was cheap, very nice and clean, the owner was sweet and it was literally right near everything we needed.

Saw and heard KCM sing. (NICE!)

Next heard some group called the Nine Muses.  Not sure why when there was only eight on the picture and seven were at the EXPO. I don’t remember much about them except that they were wearing yeast-infection inducing jumpsuit things with no pant legs. I could tell that from where I was.

Then there was Park Hyo Shin.  Whom the Narrative has named “Mr. Panty Dropper”.  That name is well deserved.  He can blow and had the gall to make it look easy. Yeah, I may be going to his concerts too along with Rain.

… Rain comes first though.

Then here came Rain.  I got as close to the stage as possible and he saw me and waved back. 

He sounded tired and from what I heard (read) on the radio show, he was.

Hope he gets some rest.  Maybe I will stop by and drop him off a few Vitamin C drinks and energy drinks to boost him up. I have a friend who lives on the base who can help me.

I met them through another person by chance.


Loving the new school. Still no allergies.

I will be taking my new classes after I get my severance pay which I hope is soon.  I also want to get a new smart phone.

I got a new computer.  Much needed since the main ones (laptop and netbook) have had it.

I will post a pic later on



3 comments on “Yeosu Expo and New Set up

  1. Random thought, is it hard to get a cell phone in South Korea? I heard through another site that it was… Park Hyo Shin is so fine :3! I love his voiceee he is definitely worthy of that nickname.

    • Well, my first phone I got through my recruiter and I kept it for 2 years. I just got a newer phone (Samsung Galaxy Note) and it took a while and I had one of my coteachers with me. They waived the fee because it took so long. It is beter to have a Korean speaking friend with you so you can get a better deal.. Of course, you could always go to Songtan, where a base is located, and try it there. Or Itaewon, which would most likely cost more.

  2. Sounds like a great show. Rain has been looking a little worn out recently. He’s definitely been working hard. Looking forward to more updates from you.


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