…Did I come across clearly enough?

New Job = ^___^

Co Workers = ^___^

Location = ^___^

Students (that I have met so far) = ^____^ (little psychopaths. Cute and fun though.)

No Allergies = ^_________________________________^

Now for the   (side eye)

Emailed previous teacher and got 2 emails back, but I didn’t really read before replying back like normal.  I sat down and actually read it and just felt the ire stirring when I thought about it.  Here goes the 6th sense again.

Here is the email:

Hello, I did not really read your emails at that time, when I answered.  I red it fully last night and had a few things to say.

Hey DN. They put you in the same apartment? That sucks. I thought they would get u a better, smaller one. I am glad we r out of there now…

They usually put the next teacher in the same apartment, considering how much it costs to even get one here.  The way it is done here is COMPLETELY different from the states. I love that I have so much room, but not too much.  I used to be in the military. My criteria: it’s mine, I don’t have to share with someone I don’t know, everything works (or can be fixed), I don’t have to share… (very important after living on Navy ships). Bonus: No rent, I have to pay.

Haha! We barely survived, had to get curtains from gmarket. It gets hot in the summer.

I just have to find the right size. (No air conditioner and I asked how they survived without it)

Anyways, i hope u adjust well. I told SM, ur coteacher, where the afterschool stuff was. There were some miscommunication problems, as well as her just ignoring me. Maybe ask YM, my first coteacher. Its difficult to explain over email.

I am used to living out the country (prefer it) and she is a great help to me. When you came it was her first year here and in her last school she was a homeroom teacher. (Did you even ask what she did before she arrived there?)  Which means she wouldn’t know what you need or require.  She most likely never interacted with the foreign teacher at her previous school because she never had to, someone else did it.  That is the case in most schools in the country (Y is considered country which surprised me). For instance, my last school was sort of the same way and I had to tell them stuff that was in the contract, point it out to them and then they gave it to me.  I was there 2nd foreign teacher — with 4 month gap in between —  that they have had. Some teachers are just told right before we come (or day of) that they will be helping us.

Gd luck at that school. We didnt get any help from SM and almost lost out on lots of gasmoney reimbursement if we hadnt had other korean friends help us.  I will try to help u if u wish. We r not busy at all now.

Gas money?  You are not supposed to get gas money. That extra $100 is for traveling expenses and is included in your check. You are a 10 – 15 (20 if you are just taking your sweet time and stopping at stores for snacks (DN: I do this)) minute walk away, or take the bus to shave off a few minutes (walking is faster most of the time though). The teachers who are over an hour away, I would understand.  You were pretty close but far enough away for privacy from the students and overzealous parents, whom may want extra lessons for their kid.

Dont mean to sound down about the school. Its only a 45min bus ride to seoul so not that bad, easy to escape that ugly area every evening.

I am ignoring you about the school because they are great.  I know there are schools out there that are bad but it also depends on the individual. I like it, it is convenient with easy access to Seoul without the high costs.
I didn’t mean to sound so glum. Things can be great for you there. They were fine for us until the end when SM came in and was clueless as to her duties as a co-teacher. She accused me of treating her like a “personal assistant” which is hilarious since she probably thought that ’cause I had to bug her like 5 times just to get help on one thing (making sure the school paid me for after school classes or help on apartment stuff). She has got to know that we do not come to Korea for the kimchi, lol, we need to get paid! Anyways, she could be a nice person (DN: She is great) and you could have a good relationship with her just don’t expect any help from her at all. As I said, we can help with any issues (bills, finding your way around, etc.) if you need help. My lady wants you to know that she’s offered to spend a day with you showing you around the area if you wanted.
See above about SM. She helped me a great deal when I needed it. Of course, I won’t even ask unless I really, can’t do it on my own.  And judging from the date of your contract when you got here, that is the busiest time of year for them with all the tests, quizzes and contests. Most will not have that much time and will get to you when as soon as they can. Since I offered to help, I freed some of her time up and she helped me out immediately.
Anyways, did you get the bill for the apartment complex yet? If you could, would you mind scanning it and sending it to us via email? We need to know how much that bill was so we can communicate with the apartment complex and get our deposit back. Yet again another thing that SM didn’t help with. Not like we have 900,000 won to just throw away…
Maybe.  I didn’t open it and I don’t know what name would be on the bill. It could be yours or the person before you.  Whose name are the bills under? You don’t communicate with the apartment to get your refund back, the school does.  That 900,000 won is to pay the bills that are left over and whatever damages you incurred in the process (drilled holes in the wall, crayon, marker, pencil marks all over the walls, the torn up wall paper, that liquid stain near the door I cannot even fathom what it is, etc. These are the ones I found so far, I am not done looking and taking pictures. (Will post them later)) Whatever is left of that after those are fixed, you get back in your account. Or in some very rare cases, you may owe. VERY RARE.  That takes at least a month, of course the landlord can make it longer (not the schools fault). That says that in your contract, somewhere. (DN: I wonder if he even read it.)  I know because we work for the same people and I have been working with them for three consecutive years. The GEPIK contract didn’t change that much.
About the afterschool classes. It was hard to communicate from my mobile phone but now I can type on the school computer. Just go to the “Onul” program, then the “Yonga” folder (English folder), then “2012 Lessons”. Then Afterschool is on there, numbered and outlined. It’s a no-stress afterschool program, learning and building on basic target language using 5-min animations, worksheets, and games at the end to verify comprehension.  (I can read Korean, heck I have been here for 2 years and now on my 3rd and what he had planned for them was not appropriate for the ages.  Possibly 5th and 6th grade… possibly, but 3rd and 4th, um…no)

Let me know if YM cant tell u where the as files r at and ill write a detailed email.
Well, you take care and please let us know when you get that bill and if you need any help.
– Yeah, I found the files after messing around on the computer. I’ll be doing my own appropriate After School Curriculum (his was so not). I don’t mind working (LOVE this job).  That is what they pay me so generously to do. I know how to make free time for myself. (DN: Told the teacher I was doing my own instead of his.  She smiled ans said “I think you are a more experienced teacher.”)
You shouldn’t have to prepare anything so that can free your time up to just chill during the afternoons, play badminton and drink beer, or waste time like all the other Korean teachers at your school. 🙂 

You possibly saw the teachers when they actually had some real downtime. Do you have any idea how much work they have to get done and don’t get as much as we do?  That is why they have more vacation then us when it is Summer and Winter camp time. They deserve that time to relax, they don’t get it often enough. So in that one sentence pretty much insulted all your previous coworkers and possibly your current ones, too.
By the way, you left a lot of stuff here (guitar, new looking shoes and so on).  I have it in a bag waiting for you and can give them to you or your wife, Sunday.  Only time I am free, unless informed ahead of time.  Or can I just throw it out? Of course, after a certain amount of time I will throw it out anyway (about a week or two, if I remember) because I will assume you don’t want it.
You are probably wondering about the tone of this email. It’s because in the two emails you sent me and after I sat down and actually read them, you made yourself sound completely like an self-righteous, pompous ass with a high degree of entitlement.  I met many teachers who are like that in person.  I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt if we ever actually met and have a conversation.  I am just currently going by the emails you sent.

Have a gd one,


You have a good one too, S! 🙂  (I say this while silently thinking something none to nice)
– DN (end of email)
I let my friend read and asked if she can tell what I was feeling.  She laughed and said I sound so pissed.  Well, very terse and the guy is an idiot.
Odd note:  I am still getting job offers while I type this post.
Note to ones who want to come to Korea to teach:
If you are ready to work and adapt to another culture and able to deal with odd curves along the way, come on.
If you come here with some high entitlement issues and think everyone should be at your beck on call when you say so (non emergency/life threatening) – STAY YOUR BUTT HOME!
We by chance meet and I find you are one of those people.  Be prepared.  I will not mince words.
BTW, LASEK is healing fine.  I am getting better everyday and I just need to remember to do the drops 4 times a day.
Leave comments , so I know what you think and tell me what else you want me to post about.
– DN

5 comments on “…Did I come across clearly enough?

  1. I am no Picasso did a similar post on her blog about understanding the stress and strain the teachers are under, and encouraging understanding.

    • Hi Modest Goddess! How are you?
      The place I was before is way smaller than this. That was country country. I am still in the country (rural area) but it looks urban to me. Everything I need is around the corner, down the street sometimes way down the street and I take one bus. I can take one bus to get everywhere I need to go pretty much in different cities.
      Should I post the reply email I received?

  2. “If you come here with some high entitlement issues and think everyone should be at your beck on call when you say so (non emergency/life threatening) – STAY YOUR BUTT HOME!”

    Nicely put, Charise!


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