LASEK Day 13 + school + move

Haling fine. Can look at the computer screen fine like I used to but at times have to blow the font way up to read it clearly.

But I can see pretty well without glasses.

I even watched Avengers at the moves, kept my eyes shut at the bright flashes which I can predict when they are coming.

I have to wear sun glasses outside every day for 6 months. I don’t mind because I could never use them before.

I had to buy a new pair because my previous pair was either tried on by one of the students and the forgot and went running off somewhere or they fell where I can’t see them.

Bought a new pair that seem to suit me perfectly. (more on that later)

I move next week on the 18th, much easier to get to Seoul and it is very easy for me to get there by bus. (ONE Bus) I still work for public school, with the same program, meaning I keep my same benefits.

And no I still haven’t started packing yet at the apartment. I did clean out my closet space I have at school for all the materials I make or use.

The apartment has not really been touched as of yet.

I need to get a move on it.


Time to go, students are messing with me.  They want me to go on their picnic.  I am not going. … I think.

I don’t wanna go.





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