New Job + Lasek

I got a new job working in a new town and Elementary school.
It is still sort of country, but I did not even know that until the lady told me. It is easy for me to get into Seoul and I only have to take one bus . Bonus is that, IF I had to stay in Seoul because I missed the bus or something I could easily get on said bus first thing in the morning and it drops me off right at school. I could even get to my apartment change clothes and everything then get back to school on time.
4 more weeks and I move to a new place and have a new start in another place.
By Friday, I will have LASEK surgery on my eyes so I can get rid of my glasses for good. Seems me turning 30 this Sunday means a heck of a lot of changes. I think they are for the better too and will continue to get greater from there.
– DN


2 comments on “New Job + Lasek

  1. Welcome Back! Congrats on the new job and your new eyes! It made me think of Tom Cruise in “Minority Report” lmao! I’m looking forward to reading more of your stories. ❤


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