Last day before graduation…

Last day with the classes in their current grade and some in this school altogether.

Kindy – adorable as ever.  My last class with them was back in December, but they still come up and speak to me when they see me.

1st grade – Gone and lost their damn minds today. Straight up psycho. Today was their last day and I had to deal with two bawling kids, stop a fight, and keep them from screaming their heads of while running around the room up and over the furniture. They are cute but sometimes work my last nerve. 1st time ever they were all like that.

2nd grade – So sweet. We played Hide and Seek with vocab cards and they found them and told me what they were in English. Yesterday was their last class. Coincidentally, we didn’t finish the game till this morning when the 1st ones that arrive at school, asked me about the one card that was missing.  Found it a few minutes later.

3rd Grade – I wanted them to practice the alphabet and we played hide and seek with Alphabet flashcards I had made with individual letters.  They loved it and I am pretty confident that they will know the Alphabet better, until they get back in March and forgot everything over the vacation.

4th grade – Last class and I taught them how to read a  little bit.  I made handwritten flash cards of the letters S,A,T,P,I,N,M,O,E,U,B,D and practiced phonics with them and had them rearrange them to make words and had them read them.  They did great. I will teach them the rest later on in the next semester. Yesterday was the last class.

5th grade – Finished their course book finally.  Today was the last class. They were cool. The teacher told them to practice so they will not forget when they get back and start school.

6th grade – my last class with them was yesterday. It was supposed to be today but it was cancelled. Apathetic as usual but they are about to go to middle school starting in March. They aren’t all together anymore like they have been since Kindy, I guess.

On another note, I think I may have a troll. Her name messes with my Peter Pan and Wendy kick I was having but luckily I finished reading the new play that featured them so it is all good. They were nitpicking over something that wasn’t an issue with any of the other ladies from my previous post with Kevin.

… Also, my allergies are coming back and the snow is not even gone yet. We will go into that on another post about the PTB giving obvious signs.


– DN



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