Meeting Ankh

I went home for about a week and a half.  I had a bunch of things to do and a lot of people I wanted to see. I was too jet lagged to actually do it but got to see a few cool people and get the most important things done — IRS Taxes from when I left and Fingerprints done and sent to FBI so I can apply for new jobs again.

Saw a couple of old friends I used to work with.

I guess I lost a good bit of weight and inches here.

My own mother didn’t recognize me when I got off the plane to meet her.

Went to see my Grandmother and turns out Ankh lives in the same state. At first I thought she was the same city but I was wrong and it turned out she was 4 hours away.

Convinced my mother to go (my car anyway) which was easy since she was meeting someone up there too.

Ankh and I had been text messaging back and forth and we finally met up at a coffee shop.  She had to go to work so we only got to chat and not do the shopping we had wanted. Maybe next time.

I had an image of Ankh as I was going to see her and I think it was my jet lagged brain combined with overactive imaginings that I was thinking she was some type of imposing figure that was intimidating.

Ankh came into the shop and I relaxed.

She’s awesome. First thing she mentioned was my eyes, which I never noticed that fact about them.  I don’t know why she implied she much older than me when it is only 3 months. Oddly, since I got back I have been mistaken for someone who is 19-22 and/or being in college.  Funny thing is that this person thought my Mom and I were college students working on a paper while I was waiting.

Meeting Ankh was fun and next time I come to the states we should go shopping.

Oh yeah, she also fussed at me for not knowing off the bat who the cute guy was in my phone.  I even had his number.  Actually, I have another number, I recently found and I have no idea who it is. And the look on her face when I told her of another person I have sort of known for 6 years and they know me. Kinda ticked at me at the moment but he will get over it.


2 comments on “Meeting Ankh

    • That was what I was imagining before I met you. I never knew you were that tiny, considering I am not that tall, in my opinion. i just found out my youngest brother is an inch shorter than me at 12 years old.

      Dude is cute but he is also 23. 22 possibly if what he told me was Korean age. Same age as my youngest brother. Too young for me. Has to be around my age and my limit most likely is TK’s age.


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