AMBW Interview with Oppa Kevin

Age: 31 (Korean Age)

Height: He is 180cm (6ft)

— Interview Start —

DN: If I called you “Oppa” what would you say?

K: DN. (He says my actual name.)

DN: How long have we known each other?

K: About 9~10 months.

DN: What was your first impression of me?

K: American, talks fast (laughs), friendly.

DN:  What about looks?

K: I am not used to African-Americans, so I didn’t think about it. But I don’t think about appearances with friends. The only time I do is when meeting a girlfriend or when someone I am interested in making a girlfriend.

DN: Am I your first Black friend?

K: Yes. You are my only Black friend. Even in the states all my friends where White. I don’t keep in contact with them.

DN: I am your only American friend here in Korea.

K: Yes.

DN: Have you ever dated a foreigner?

K: Yes, once. She was an Indonesian girl. We only went out on one date and after that date I found another girlfriend.

DN: Was the date bad?

K: No. It was good. I just found a better lady (Korean) who suited me at that time. Just I had a hard time communicating my feelings to her because of the language barrier.

DN: Would you date a foreigner if they know your language?

K: Maybe. Yes. But I should have feelings for them. Culture and conversation is important in a relationship but feelings and first impression are important too.

DN: Would you date a BW?

K: Is she like Beyoncé?

DN: Could be, but I am thinking more normal BW?

K: As long as she is nice, charming and fantastic lady. I really want to date  charming and fantastic women.

DN: What do you look for?

K: Voice, sweet or cute voice…

DN: Please, tell me you are not talking about that baby voice crap and baby speak.

K: No.

DN: OK. Straight or Curves?

K: Curves.

DN: Make up or no.

K: Glamorous without makeup.  (Doesn’t put too much on.) Doesn’t care about height. (Maybe not taller…. maybe.)

DN: What about women who got plastic surgery?

K: Don’t care about it, but doesn’t want a girlfriend that had it. (I think he means so much you don’t even recognize them  anymore and they hide pictures of before they had it. Of course he could mean not at all too.)

DN: What about the types of girls I see here (not all but some) who go on major shopping sprees with your money.

K: I don’t go to them.(laugh)

DN: Oh yeah, I have a …friend who was a bit upset that I meet a lot of awesome guys like you. What kind of feeling do I give off? My other friend said I give of strong, quiet confidence and I have an innocent face.

K: Innocent face?

DN: Yes.

K: Face innocent… Nooooo (laughs).

DN: Shut up.

K: (still laughing)

DN: Do you agree with my friend?

K: Strong, yes.  Like Superman. (laughs)

DN: (glare) Shut up (smile).

(He is teasing me.  My students call me Superman because my hair is usually in twists and there is one twist that stays curled in the middle of my forehead no matter what I do, it goes right back. I asked him if he likes my hair curly or straight.  He prefers the curly. I think this applies to many Koreans.)

K: Hey, what about your ex-boyfriend?

DN: hmm?

K: The one I helped email in Korean. Did he message back?

DN: I don’t know. I forgot all about him.

K: Good. He was not good guy.  You should find better one.

DN: Are you going to screen my boyfriends?

K: ?

DN: They have to meet you and you say if they are good or not.

K: Really? I can do this?

DN: Sure. I do the same to your girls.  I’ll make sure they are not after all your money.

(I told him about the time where I some how got Korean Grandmother approval. LBFAM#1 Sister’s wedding. I had to explain what sturdy hips meant.)

K: Yes, the older generation is thinking more about children and a woman’s ability to have many children.

(I am guessing this is why so many older generations like me and my curly hair.)

DN: Any questions for the ladies on the Narrative?

K: Narrative?

DN: Blasian Narrative.

K: Blasian?

DN: Black and Asian.  On that site it is for Black women Asian men. You should read it.

K: OK. Yes, I have questions.

  1. What do you think of Asian men in regard of boyfriends?
  2. What types of men do you like?

DN: Anything else?

K: You should do your homework.

— Interview End —


8 comments on “AMBW Interview with Oppa Kevin

  1. What do you think of Asian Men as Boyfriends?</i?
    I think Men share many similarities across racial, ethnic and national boundaries. If he is a man I have things in common with, I have no problem with it.

    What types of Men do you like?
    Smart, funny, mature, knows who he is, shows curiosity about the world. He is sure of himself and because of this, is comfortable with people from all walks of life. He works hard, has goals, ambitions and dreams. He loves, honors and respects Women & has leadership qualities.

    I cannot point to specific physical features because the “packaging” will be secondary if he is not a quality human being in the first place.

  2. 1. What do you think of Asian men as boyfriends?
    I think a man’s ability to be a good boyfriend depends a lot on his individual character. A man who is generous with his time, who cares about his girlfriend’s feelings, and who is an independent thinker makes a good boyfriend.

    Asian men can be great boyfriends or they can be jerks, it just depends on his personal character.

    2. What types of men do you like?
    I like men who are smart, especially men who are good in math and science. I am terrible at math! So I really admire a man who can do it well. I like men who are sensitive to what goes on around them. Men who chase too many women are a turnoff. Men who have confidence without being arrogant are wonderful.

    Physically, I like men with single eyelids, golden colored skin, and black hair. I don’t like when guys curl or bleach their hair. Height is nice but it isn’t very important. I have dated men who were shorter than me. I prefer Asian men but I don’t care which country he is from. Asian-American or foreign born are both good.

  3. 1) Hmm would love to have an Asian boyfriend
    2) Someone who is sweet, smart and who loves to have a good time. I dont really care about looks too much. ^_^

  4. What do you think of Asian men in regard of boyfriends?

    I don’t know how to answer this tbh. I’d date anyone who I found attractive and who clicked with me regardless of ethnicity.

    What types of men do you like?

    I don’t have a specific type when it comes to looks but when it comes to personality, I adore nerds and geeks. I’m a very open-minded person so I’d have difficulties liking a close-minded bigot.

  5. Awwww, so sweet. He seems like a kind sweet honest guy.
    I am attracted to Asian men, specifically Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese men (Im an African American woman)…but either there is a cultural barrier, alot date white women only, or in my cases adapted the Hip Hop style of dress and music as well as slang but wont go anywhere near dating a Black woman (for the most part which is 97% of the time) or its a sexual thing and thats the end of that.
    Too often, there are many bad stereyotypes of Black women – especially on T.V. We are all not like that, there are doctors, councilwomen, tv anchors, volunteers, nurses, entrepenuers, etc. Women who are positive role models

    • And help.others as well. Unfortunatly alot of ppl go by whats on tv and judgr an African American woman based on those stereotypes.
      However i.wish u the best in finding someone who is compatable for you.


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