Strange dreams + …What did you call me?

In the dream, I was about to kiss/kissing/making out (It changes) with a guy (I know him), I immediately get this image of Guy-I-haven’t-gotten-to-speak-to-but-we-know-each-other-by-sight (GIHSTBKEBS) getting really pissy about it and makes the motion that I am his or whatever.

My face –.– ;; get over here then you ass.

THen it changes to dream where I assume I am married  and have mixed children.

I promplty forgot about it until I taught my 3rd grade class.

We were playing a game and the bell was about to ring and this was the last question. Who is this (had a picture of me) The answer is supposed to be “It’s my teacher.”

THEY say in unison: “It’s my mom!”

Me: ah….O.o..???..

3rd grade Korean co-teacher: (chuckles)

3rd graders: It’s my mom!…It’s my mo…teacher. It’s my TEACHER!



PTB trying to say something here.. What is i?  You should know by know that you have to be specific and obvious with me.


– DN



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