Apparently, many people don’t know that I DO know how to cook.

I just don’t that often because I have no reason to do it.  I cook for my self usually but nothing major.  Just what I want at the time.

Plus, there are very few people I will cook for.

My frined K found this out and he asked me to cook for him.  This is after he found out that I can cook Korean fod.


It is just following directions.  He asked me to cook for him though.


We will probably spend Xmas together, since I can’t go home and the previous ones were depressing for me since I have not been home for Christmas in a very long time.


3 comments on “Cooking

  1. Well, I am glad I know that you ca cook now, because when I come to visit you can cook for me, lol I am also you have someone to be with you on Christmas this year. Also your box might be a little late, but hopeful I will be able to send it out soon, if not it will get to you as soon as I get everythi g together and able o send it out ok, chat with you later


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