I have Awesome friends…

I hung out with my friend K, who is awesome and one of the coolest guys I have met.  He likes horror movies too. He messaged me and asked me to meet up with him and we hung out together.

We caught up over coffee (which I am not supposed to be drinking because I have a slight cold and I forgot until he brought it to me.  I won’t drink anymore after today, the doctor does not need to know.  I can’t have cold food or drinks either for a bit.)

He translated an email I wrote to the EX because the Ex said in the email he did not understand.  He can’t misunderstand if it is in his own language. K does not think the Ex is a good guy either after I told him what happened and was nice enough to translate what I was saying in Korean then send it to the Ex.

Afterward, he helped me find a place to stay because my usual place was full. The guy at the desk asked him if he wanted the room for a few hours or for the night. K explained that I was staying for the night. Whenever I go to the motels here, I never get asked that.

Then we ate and watched a movie because I hadn’t been to the movies in awhile and wanted to see something.  There is no movie theater where I live. We watched “Twilight Breaking Dawn” which I was making fun of in my head. There was nothing else to watch and the movies he and I were interested in are not out yet. Plus, there were no horror movies.

On the way back to where I was staying, a guy asked him if he wanted a “massage” then the guy saw me and immediately apologized in English. The guy thought I was his girlfriend.

I had to ask K twice what the guy said to him and he was reluctant to tell me. He told me what he said  and I am pretty sure what the guy meant by “massage”. That explained why he immediately apologized to us as I walked into the light, as he couldn’t see me before.

Today was “interesting questions I never hear” day.

It was fun.  I am buying him brunch tomorrow since he paid for everything today, it is the least I could do for him indulging me. I also get to interview him.

– DN



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