“Put it in your mouth!” + my experiences in Korea

I was pissed off Friday so after work, I packed up and went to Deagu.  I told my friends a week before that I was going down there anyway, but I came a day early.

I met My Korean friend M and his cousin. He usually brings another person along because he is not comfortable with his English and my Korean is not that good either.

I met his cousin (whom is gorgeous) and she is very nice. They took me to get dinner because I had not eaten dinner (that was how mad I was as I was leaving).  I guess it was obvious I was still hungry because he bought me another shrimp burger and some fries.  He reordered the fries because he noticed I do not like them cold.

I taught them the miracle of hot fries.  The taste is way better when they are hot.

Afterwards they helped me find a place to stay.  I stayed at a motel which had a wonderfully comfortable bed and had a bathtub and shower only $140 for 2 nights.  This room has a computer, widescreen TV and all that too.

The next day, I met up with my friend (also and English Teacher) to go shopping.  M drove me to the Lotte Young Plaza (basically like a huge mall at home) to met her there.  He went over to his house and everything because he could park his car there instead of in the parking garage in the mall.

After the shopping and my friend went on her date.  I was introduced to more of M’s family (his cousin whose married and has an adorable little girl with another baby on  the way in about a month) His wife is cool too.  They took me out to eat after taking me to the bookstore since it was on my agenda.

We ate grilled pork…. something (more on that in a minute) and beef with fresh vegetables, purple rice and some type of spicy soup with tofu.

The grilled pork something…..

There was some “meat” that was very buttery looking and I did not know what it was but I had a suspicion in which I was hoping I was wrong. I was right. The way it looked as it cooked freaked me out a bit too.

My friend and I were fussing at each other while his cousins and other patrons were giggling at us.  Probably because, I — the obvious foreigner —  was speaking in Korean and he was speaking in English.  During our mini argument we forgot all about our worries about speaking the others language.

Me in Korean: What is this? What? NO! No like/not favorite! Why?! NO! NO! NO!

Him in English: Korean name for “that meat” (cousins translated for me on their phone) Why? It’s good! YES! It’s delicious… Put it in your mouth! (I started laughing at this)

I tried about three pieces to placate him.  In return I had him eat many cloves of fresh garlic.

That “meat” taste like nothing and is very chewy.

Afterward, they invited me to their house and they ordered more food because M wanted pizza. I was full.

Another cousin came to the house (brought MORE food and alcohol) and met me too.  Apparently the family all lives in that city.

It was obvious I was very tired and M drove me home.  The guys are complete gentlemen and they all walked me out to his car. The family told me next time I come to Deagu that I can sleep at their house in the bed room instead of getting a motel.

We had fun.

Barely was able to get home…again.

The trained was sold out and I was lucky because M’s brother is a travel agent and he bought me the last ticket on the train to get to Seoul he is also helping me get a lower price ticket home (I had a hook up and did not even know it).  I got to Seoul and took the subway down to the bus station to get home. Tickets to my town were sold out except for the 11:10 PM bus. I got to that terminal at 8pm.  Luckily, I am always in that terminal and the lady whom I usually eat at her place of business let me sit in her restaurant until it was time for me to go. She probably also let me sit because I looked extra tired. 

*** On hindsight, I wish I had a camera.  There was a ton of tall good looking men in there (all Korean) most in suits or dressed comfortably for the cold. ***

My friend in Deagu said my Korean has gotten much better since he last saw me even though I have NOT been studying at all. He hasn’t been studying either but he has gotten better.

It seems that when I am cold or tired enough, my inhibitions in speaking the language go down and I will say what few words I know.  I have had Koreans say that I speak well for being here for only 2 years. I don’t think so but I thank them anyway.

On the bus I saw this one lady peering up at me from her car and she was staring she even got the driver to see me.  I waved and they waved back and seemed so happy that I did that.  It was like I was a movie star or something.

 I don’t understand the people who say they hate this place because people were rude to them. There are too many sweet people here to stay be able to stay mad at one or two Koreans that piss you off.

I wonder how they presented themselves.



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