Hee hee. Can’t stop smiling. ^____^

He remembers me and it showed.

We made eye contact and he held it the whole way, with a smile, till it was impossible.


13 comments on “Hee hee. Can’t stop smiling. ^____^

  1. I know the time diff. may have put you off of the MARY J. BLIGE covert via YT last night, but I have to share (in case you missed it), it was tear-jerking AWESOME!!! I’m closer to 40 yrs. old now, so when I see an experienced, been-through-some-ish sista, who can still HOLD IT DOWN in her flippin’ 40’s, my bloody head explodes! Mary was at her very BEST, I say! She looked beautiful, w/those REAL WOMAN hips (to die for), and was humble; giving thanks to all of the fans who supported and encouraged her through her worst years! You should still be able to catch it via YT, perhaps under VEVO (American Express). They replayed the DURAN DURAN concert in bits for a few days, so HURRY before they shut-it-down! You know YT is notorious for that, right? 😉 J-Bird

  2. Hiya, again! I hope you’re doing well today, DN! I want you to check out a video series via YT. I’m posting this as a responce to the TALISHA/TALISU article, wh/I enjoyed reading, ’cause it’s TOO tru, yeah?
    Okay. My laptop is trippin’, so I’ll just have to give you what to type in.
    Here goes: Shisha 2007 European Dancehall QUEENS

    * I wish there was a way to begin a new thread via [The] Blasian Narrative’s site, but I can’t. therefore I’m hoping that you’ll share this AWESOMENESS that is US (world wide, BABY!) w/the other ladies,,, friends and guests. You will ‘get it’ after seeing where they’re dancing and all [of] the LOVE this sista is gettin’. Oh, and she most certainly should! ,,, just wait!!!


    Cheers, love!


  3. I’m sorry for the typos, but it’s 3:30 a.m. (CST), and I am tearing up over here lisening to PARK HYO SHIN!!! I usually re-read/edit my posts, but my glasses became too foggy,,, took them off for a spell.
    Anywho, you must tell me all about this PHENOMENAL man, because, baby, he’s voice can wake the dead/turn a bad boy good/make a monk commit mass murder! IOW, he’s UNBELIEVABLE!!! ,,, he’s sooo handsome, too!



  4. Hiya! I have a question for you,,, two, to be exact.

    1) Is ‘our’ RAIN as big and tall in person, or does he look more imposing on film/vids. because the women (and some cats) are shorter/smaller than,,,.

    2) I CANNOT for the life of me, I just heard the most BEAUTIFUL voice of ALL living creatures, tonight! Yes, I’m speaking of PARK HYO SHIN!!! Please tell me you’ve seen this man live! If not, make room in your SK home for “J-Bird,” ’cause the minute my man is released from the DMZ, I am sooooo gonna see him, greet him, and CRY all over him! I’m crying as I compose this to you,,, man’ve voice is dangerous/wicked/a sheer BLESSING! My LORD, he can SANG! I loathe the AM. music sceen for keeping this man out of here, because he’s Asian, yet blasting pot/crack heads like bloody Wiz Khalifa/Lil’ Wayne! This blows my mind, it does!

    Cheers, love! Thanks for reading and answering (in advance)!!!

  5. Oh I’m sooo hatin’ on you right now…JUST KIDDING! I’m happy for you girl, you’ve seen him in the (very nice) flesh so many time!

  6. I understand that you’re talking about Rain.

    I have a tendency of not defining things very well. When I mentioned” Okay” I was thinking” DN’s a very lucky girl. She got to see Rain close up..he may end up asking her out for a date.” That was what I was on my mind. I hope this clear things up.


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