Deagu for the first time…

I went to Deagu to see Sexy in concert.

I was in standing seats and I was close enough to see his golden zipper.  Even closer I would have seen the individual duvets of it.

My lord that man can move his hips as slow or fast as you like.  He gives me ideas. I need to start writing again.

My lord that is a great show to see. I was exhausted after ward.

I even got to shake hands with In Sooni. She looks wonderful.

Two more shows in Seoul.  Then I think it is the start of his hiatus for military duty.  Not sure but I will still be here and waiting when he gets out.

That gets me thinking that when he is done with the military he is going to have that extra “Rawr” factor and swagger.

People said I got it after I went to the military. I am basing this off a comment one guy told me here.

Guy: When I look at you I can tell you are a very sweet person but I also get the feeling I should be scared of you and not get on your bad side.

Me (bemused smile): Really?

Guy: Yeah…(grin)  I like it.

Me: Lol!

Sexy is going to be the death of us.


3 comments on “Deagu for the first time…

  1. Hi. I am new to this site, but was linked from about two sites, Blasian Narrative and some other site. I can imagine how you felt when you were that close to him at his concert. I’m sure he sang “Busan Girl” or “Deagu Girl,” or ‘whatever city, Girl! I read an article that said he changes the city name to wherever he is having his concert. I can write a book on talking about “Sexy.”
    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. “Sexy” when he came to the states to promote his movie “Ninja Assassin.” I was sooo excited before I went over NYC to meet him. It was on November 13, 2009…I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years since meeting him. When I met him, everything happened so fast. He had security blocking everything; the security guards pissed me off, because I wanted to take a picture with him…I asked RAIN if I could take a picture with him and he calmly said yes! He is tall (about 6’2-6’3) and verry handsome! But the crazy *ss security guards wouldn’t let me because it was late/ night time & they were trying to end his session there so he could move on to his next event. However, I did manage to get a signed poster from him and I did take a picture of him coming out of The Giant Robot bookstore, which is where the poster signing took place. There weren’t that many people there, either. I think he (RAIN) or his reps planned this event @ the last minute, because it would’ve been much more people. Also, I used to receive emails about his events from his sixtofive1982 website and they didn’t mention this event like weeks on months in advance. It was more like several days in advance! I left to go there after work. One of my friends quickly drove me over there because he knew exactly where to go, because had I drove myself over there, I would have missed my opportunity to meet him.
    That very next day, I thought about my super-fast meeting him, and I said to myself, ” I should’ve stepped on the security guard’s feet and grabbed RAIN and kissed him!” Then I should’ve told my friend to take the picture. It was great though, meeting him, but everything was happening so fast. I had several other opportunities to meet RAIN again, but the second time around was a little more challenging, because of a winter storm. He came to NYC several months later to attend Fashion Week or he was a guess at some type of fashion show ( I cannot remember the name of the show). He barely made it to NYC himself because of a blizzard storm…of course, his very loyal Asian fans gave many updates on his arrival to the NYC. This event was sometime in February 2010. His most recent visit to NYC, that I know of, was around April 2011…I could ‘ve met him again then! He was freely standing out in the NY streets. Some people were walking by like they didn’t know that Korean King! Lol! I said boy, look at him, standing on the sidewalk in broad daylight… I could’ve gotten better acquainted with him, had I been over there at that time..

  2. Ok, I am finally making a comment,lol I am so jeaous that you were that close to him. I bet is was a beautiful sight. I wish I was at that concert with you. The comment that guy made was funny and I know you enjoyed that one,lol. I mean I know we have only seen each other on skype, but I dont think you come off that way. I think that you a sweet person, but I will say this that no one should mess with you when your having a bad day,lol.

  3. Thanks soooo much for posting about your “Sexy” concert. I’m glad you had a lot of fun! By chance did you take pictures? Hmmm. Post’em up girl if you did!


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