Boyfriend Update…

I have been having the weirdest dreams.

I will laying in bed with Boyfriend, look down for a sec then look up and he is replaced by Hot Guy.

I will be walking around with Boyfriend and turn away for a sec and he is replaced by Hot Guy.

I know of hot guy but we have not spoken to each other.  Never had a chance. We have seen each other and no each other by sight sort of, but have never spoken.

Maybe that will change soon.

Actually, I am sure it will change soon.

I don’t know how I know though.

Does that make sense?

Haven’t spoken to the Boyfriend in awhile.  I forget the last time. I just know my last email to him was about a week ago.

The other day I was making me a smoothie with my new blender and as I was doing it this thought came to my head:

“I am going to break it off with Boyfriend <— I thought his name here.”

And then I felt so happy.

Then I wondered if that was wrong to feel that way and I ignored it for a bit.

Last night as I was struggling to finish the last two assignments for my last week of my current class, I thought it again that I would break up with him and made my my final decision to do it.

After that I felt the feeling again and busted out the 3 page paper and my final in about an hour and a half.  That is with writing it out on paper, typing it up on my computer, converting the final to a pdf and submitting my assignments. ( I had 6 weeks of homework to finish in 2 weeks because my book came in the 5th week. <– couldn’t order because the move drained all my funds and shipping here so quickly is expensive.)

I sent him an email saying that we have too much to wok on to be together and we should be friends.

I know that is not a good way to do it, but in this circumstance it is the only way.  I have not seen him in 2 months.

He hasn’t emailed me in a couple of weeks.  That maybe because of training…maybe.  I don’t know anything about his new job.

He is now a former boyfriend.


Is it wrong that I felt so happy about it?

Another thing that cinched it was that my best friend asked me in a simple sentence:

“Does he fulfill everything you need?”

“No” I answered that immediately.

Yeah, he is a nice guy but Ineed a Man who is not so flighty.

We wil have to be friends.  That and I know he knows where all the good clubs are located.

Btw, yes I will tell you guys when I get to speak to Hot Guy.

– DN


3 comments on “Boyfriend Update…

  1. Girl, the burden has been lifted. That’s why you felt so good. I personally feel that if a guy is really interested, he will go out of his way to get in contact with you. And he wasn’t coming through for you.

    Good luck with Hot Guy 😉

  2. Sorry to know that “boyfriend” is not the boyfriend anymore.

    Ohhhh yeah, you better meet “hot guy” you live right there so there shouldn’t be any reason why you see him a few times! And I’m sooo hating on you because of that….no no…just kidding! I love ya girl!


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