I know it is Avatar in 20 seconds, but itseems to accurately portray just about every movie I have seen (and not seen)  with PoC’s.


3 comments on “LOL

  1. We went on a couple of dates. I met him a couple years ago around new years. He was very nice, funny, not shy/reserved AT ALL probably because he’s an actor. His hair is beautiful (I’m partial to long hair on men, don’t know why).

    I gotta say, I just remember he was an amazing kisser lol. I don’t remember why we stopped, it was that long ago, but I remember him. He’s still my myspace friend, though I’m never on it anymore.

  2. Hahah I know that guy. I know this sounds random but I do know him and he did ask me out (I’m a black female by the way). Avatar guy is pro AMBW.


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