Hey pt 4 – Last one…(hee hee)

As you know, there were some communication issues with the Boyfriend.

I had decided to move on and to feel like I tied up loose ends I sent him a message.

This is the message I sent the Boyfriend. I sent it by email because that was the only way I could contact him because he lost his phone.

Since you have not contacted me in any way, I think you do not want to speak to me.

I will move on.

Just send a message so I know you are alive and well.

I sent this late at night and this is what I found when I got home from Seoul.

Well, I will type the basic message of what he said…

I just now saw your email. I got a new job in Seoul and I start training in a week. I am in (he is in his home town)

I found my phone but it is broken. I don’t have a new one yet.

I do not check my email often. <— That is an understatement…

I am sorry for not contacting you. I will check my email more often. I am sorry.

I giggle at this message because I can imagine the scenario that went on when he saw my email.

Ah. 🙂 …(reads email)

… 😐

… 😐



SHIT! ( I wonder if he said that out loud in Korean and his Mother heard him.)

(replies to my email apologizing many times) -__-;;;;

I messaged him back that I forgive him. I will message him when I get back to Seoul. So that look I know is on his face would go away.

I’m his first foreign girlfriend so I will cut him some slack. He is learning though…

My Grandparents are giggling over this because they know my patience and temper.

– DN


4 comments on “Hey pt 4 – Last one…(hee hee)

  1. Okay, his email seems “promising” that he’ll check his emails more often and you should too. Also, it seems like to me, he’s sincere in wanting to get in contact with you, but he didn’t have a cell phone. Take it slow see where it goes and give it time. Peace baby girl.

  2. Wow, DN, you are a lot stronger AND more patient than I. I hope “the Boyfriend” realizes how lucky he is and takes this opportunity to make it up to you.


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