Haven’t updated in a while.

Here is a rundown what I have been up to.

New Job –  Got a new job at a different elementary school.  It is in a rural area the school is even further in a rural area to the point I hear a suffix in Korean I have never heard before.  THe school is very small (101 kids),  I teach them all.  My biggest class is 20 and my smallest class is 6 students.  I like it though.  The staff here are awesome and the kids are adorable. They give me free rein too pretty much.

New Apt – ALong with the new school I have a new apartment. This time it is a officetel. It is smaller than my old apartment but it is updated and I have a shower and a sink that are separate from each other and can now open the door without a key.

New Town –  I am in a new town called Anseong (안성). I like it.  I will like it more when I can et into the secret society of the bus schedule. Seriously, I had to be gangster to find it.

New Class – I can take Tae Kwon Do now. I like it.

Now for those who want to know about the Boyfriend…

Haven’t heard from him in a while. We text ever so often but I haven’t heard from him since last week.

…. Yeah, it has been a week since the last text message.

Usually he texts me back the same day or the next day.

So these are the choices…

1. He lost his phone.

2. My phone is eating texts and calls. (It does that sometimes.)

3. He got called away for some military thing and can’t have access to his phone.

Other reasons go through my head like maybe another girlfriend, but I will push those out the way because I am at work and don’t need to be annoyed.  The kiddies will pick up on it.

I will give him a week or two.  If nothing then I am moving on.

For those of you wondering why I don’t go back to where we met; it’s because he doesn’t work there anymore.  He is looking for another job with better conditions as he puts it.

Maybe I can ask the boss or a coworker next time I go up there.

That chocolate alone is worth it.

– DN



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