The Boyfriend….

The boyfriend and I have a strange little argument we have.I told my friend about it from the morning after and the coffee shop.

Her reply:”You two sound like an old married couple.”

Plus, she is amazed that he and I are so comfortable around each other.

I am a bigger woman, not as big as I was when I first came here, but I can still stand to lose the extra. Had no problem on the way he was walking around in the room.

I already said in earlier posts what the Boyfriend does as a hobby.

Here is the small argument we have with each other:

At the hotel:

I had like 6 sugars for my coffee and asked the clerk who brought it up for more. I mentioned it to him.

Bf: Too much sugar. You should stop sugar.

Me: You should stop smoking.

Bf: Ok.

That was the end of discussion.

He put on some good music he knew of and danced to it while sitting in the chair and eating.

*Starbucks for better coffee*

Bf went somewhere after paying for our coffee. I waited for them to be ready. I messaged him when they were done, since I didn’t know where he went.

I grabbed 3 sugars for my White-Chocolate-Coffee-Whatever-That-Is-Always-Delicious. Except that day it was slightly bitter or maybe I got pure dark chocolate that didn’t mix all the way. I added sugar.

He came back and saw the 3 empty brown sugar packs. (3 is good for me by the way. I usually use 6, maybe 4.)

Bf: AH! Too much sugar! You should stop sugar.

Me: (smile) You should stop smoking.

Bf: I tried many times. It is very hard!

Me: The patch?

Bf: I don’t like it. Doesn’t work.

Me: I will stop sugar when you stop smoking.

Bf: (sigh and smile) You will never stop sugar.

Then we went onto another subject.

Now, I need to figure out how to get him to quit smoking.

I have no problem (..maybe) giving up sugar.

Oh yeah, he likes horror movies too! (BONUS!)

He is too cute.

One comment on “The Boyfriend….

  1. Wow this is awesome… i just read like all your blog things! I’m black too and always wanted to go to Korea… well since i got into kpop and kdrama a few years back ;p I love your posts keep writing them!


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