Hanging out…

I found “hanging out” in Korea and the U.S. is different.

A guy and a girl hanging out doesn’t automatically mean that they are boyfriend and girlfriend by people who see them.  They are just out doing things together and are good friends or possibly close relatives.

Guy + Girl (hanging out) = good friends/ relatives

In Korea…

Hanging out has a different meaning depending on who you talk to. I guess it is where a person is from or where they have been in their life. I say this because I asked LBFAM#1 about it and he said the American way. Of course he has been to other English-speaking countries and has been to the States many times.

What I learned from the Boyfriend and another Teaching friend over here has heard from her Korean friend… it is that ans then some.

Guy + Girl (hanging out) = possibly boyfriend/girlfriend


Guy + Girl (hanging out) = Friends with BENEFITS.

Meaning everything.

Hanging out and doing stuff + sex without the boyfriend/girlfriend attachment. Sex with someone you know when you want it and none of the attachments.

So when I was getting clarification on the relationship before it went any further I asked:

“Are we boyfriend and girlfriend or do you just want to hang out?”

“…Hang out? You want to hang out? .. Okay. Do you have condoms?”

“Huh? Wait… What is “hang out” in Korean? Where I am from it is just go out together and do stuff as friends.”

“Here it is that and everything else.”

“…Everything else?”

“Sex too. Not boyfriend and girlfriend.”


– DN


6 comments on “Hanging out…

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be careful how I use ‘hanging out’ in Korea – if I ever get there.

  2. Well, well, you go gurl! Get some of that nice Korean…um…er…yeah…I’ll stop right there, but you KNOW WHAT I MEAN!


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