My birthday was Friday…

A few of the teachers I work with at the school threw me a little surprise bday party/ going away party for me.  It cam with piza and cake.  The pizza was ulike anything I had ever seen before and was pretty good. (I picked off the olives, I don’t like those.) The cake was delicious.

One of my students gave me index cards as a birthday gift and said “Teacher…study!” Their way of telling me to study Korean.

Another student gave me throat candy (cough drop candy?).  I think he remebered last year is when I kept getting an itchy throat.

They came in handy becuse I had a mild sore throat that morning.  I REFUSE to get sick on my Bday.

Since it was Friday, I taught my first and second grader class and then went to see Mama Nurse.

She had a cake for me and BBQ chicken (best chicken place EVER!) I knew about this one because she asked which food I liked better: pizza or chicken.

After work and sharing the leftover cake at a friends job with her and her coworkers, I packed my bag to go to Seoul.

Around midnight, I met up with B and he gave me my present. That delicious Swiss chocolate from the chocolate place, which I will post about later. The hotels too on my new blog I am doing with a friend who also lives here.

He also drew an adorable little picture that said Hapy Birthday to U.

The rest of this is posted elsewhere. You know where to go.

I will post pics later.

I will aslo do a seperate post on some dating terms I learned that sould like ours but or TOTALLY different.


– DN



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