Midnight Skies said to update…

I have a new job now.  It is a small school in 안성 (Anseong) and the school only has 101 kids in it.

I am going to enjoy that. I don’t mind if it is sort of the middle of nowhere. That is just fine with me.

I haven’t seen my new apartment yet.  I do know that is a new building and it is a 5 minute walk to the bustop to take the shuttle bus with the kids.

It will be fuinny though.  When thekids know me well enough, if I don’t come to the bus they would most likely come and get me.

Student: *Knock Knock* TEACHER! REESU TEACHAA!

Me: *sleepy* Huh?

Student: Teachaa, late. Time to go.

Me: Today is Saturday.

Student: Yes, school today.

Me:  No, Sweetie.  I don’t come on Saturday. Ever.

Student: …

Me: Contract. No work on Saturday for me.

Student: Oh. Ok. Bye Teachaa.

Me: Bye.

….Yeah, I am pretty sure it would go that way.

On the Korean Men note…

I stayed at a hotel last night for my birthday. Chocolotier gave me chocolate, mandarines and a cute little card he drew saying Happy Birthday to U.

I will post the rest on the Narrative…

I, apparently, officially have a 남자 친구 (namja chingu) now.

…Wow! It’s been 9 years since the last one.

– DN


4 comments on “Midnight Skies said to update…

  1. Yay! Thanks for humoring me.

    If I understand correctly what having a namja chingu means, then I can understand why you’d post on BlasianNarrative. So, I will follow your exploits there 😀
    Thanks again!


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