Awesome txt and…tsk

First the Awesome text. This is from LBFAM

I was getting my hair braided and said I will meet him and Max when I am done. I will call them when I am on my way there. I told him how long it usually takes, which is 3 hours for her to finish my hair.

Time passes and she is on the last braid and I am about to pay her.

John texted me this message

Reese, aint you done yet?!

My first reaction was “Shut-up! I told you want I was doing damn it.”

This is how I answer my brother when he asks me this.

Then I realized it was John and not my brother and laugh.

This is the reason he is called LBFAM: Little Brother From Another Mother.

Now for the …tsk (I usually make this sound when I think “Dumba*s” <– remember this…

I am on a langauge exchange chat that a friend suggested. She uses it too. Well, since I had only one class today I was on and chatting with other people.

Most Awesome one was: Barack Obama <– highly doubt it was the real President. AWESOME if it was. I pushed the wrong button and got disconnected from him though.

Now for the “…tsk” chat

Some guy who is 25 asked to chat with me. I figure he is like the other people, just chatting to improve their skills in English.

We greet each other and then he immediately asks for a picture. I told him since I am at work I can’t give one. He keeps asking for picture, so I put it in simpler terms: NO PICTURE. AT WORK.

He says ok.

Then there was nothing for a bit and I keep chatting with the other nice people.

To get a conversation going, I say what town I live in (It is huge don’t worry about him trying to find me.).

He replies he lives in Seoul. I say I go there every month and will be there this weekend.

He asks if I want to meet.

I don’t mind.

(I meet my Koreans friends there all the time and am meeting a friend there also at the Mall. Plus, LBFOM — little brothers from other mothers — are not far away either. I call every time I go to Seoul and they find me.)

I say I am staying there for a couple of days.

He says something about everything. I don’t understand what he means.

I say I leave Sunday. He wants to meet Sunday at 1pm. I will be home at that time because I check out at 11. He thinks about it.

He asks if I am pretty.

I think that is a strange question — I am weary of him — and answer that the teachers and students think so. (I have had strangers come up and say that to me. Men and Women.)

He says good.

He doesn’t say anything for a while. Then he asks…


Do you like sex?

Me: …tsk

I close the chat room.

Then go back to chatting with other people.

– DN


4 comments on “Awesome txt and…tsk

  1. My freshman yr in college my friend and I went drinking with a Korean guy I used to help with English. My friend got sick and his friend offered to help me take her outside for some air. While outside he lit a cigarette told me that he thought I was attractive and asked me straight up if I’d have sex with him.

    This post reminded me of that time.
    This o

  2. Haha, I totally saw that coming from like a mile away.

    But I want to know who do you see for hair braiding? Also, what is your typical hair regimen? How much would it cost to get braids done? And it doesn’t matter if you’re natural?

    Also, are you using a specific site for chatting?

    • A lady named Fundi. She charges resonable prices, provides the hair and braids the hair just right. I mean where you will still have your hair afterward.


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