Teacher, why?

I found out that I will most likely be teaching 5th grade only for the next semester.

I told my 5th graders that I won’t be their teacher for 6th grade.

They nodded at first, then I can see when it clicked together in their heads.

“Teacher, why?”

One of the girls asked me this and the tone of her voice was heartbreaking for me.

“I don’t know. It may change. I will still be here if you need help.” … till May.

The boys nodded at first then they were like. “Wait a minute. Why? Teacher!”

“I don’t know. It may change. It may change.”

They like to give me hell some times — not often. Only had to discipline them maybe 4 to 6 times out the nine months I have been here. — I guess they like me.

Now I am trying to figure out, if I want to stay here and work or wait till August for EPIK.

Since I start my Masters degree next week, I am leaning more toward staying here and transferring the VISA.

– DN


4 comments on “Teacher, why?

  1. Awe, DN, I know you post on the “BlasianNarrative” blog, but I still wish you would update this blog (even if that means copying the same post in both locations). I totally understand if you don’t have time, but I just wanted to let you know that I miss living vicariously through your blogs.


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