1st day back at teaching

Today was the first day I started teaching since Winter Break started sometime in December. The kids graduate next week.

That means my 6th graders are gone and off to Middle school — I think it’s down the street — my 5th graders will be the new 6th graders, and the 4th graders will be my new 5th graders (some of them I taught in Winter Camp).

Since it is Wednesday, I taught one class of 5th graders and three classes of the 6th gradrs. The 5th graders were the usual and the 6th graders were so quiet today — for the later classes way quieter than usual.

Me: Did you have a good vacation?

Students: …No.


Students: …

Me: Are you happy to be back?

Students: No. (Some were like…”Meh…”

Me (smile): I understand. Are you happy you graduate next week?

Students: No.

Me (smile): Ok.. Let’s play a game. It’s review.

Students: Ok.

Only one co-teacher (the camp one I will refer to as J) and Mama Nurse (possibly) know I may be moving after my contract is up.

Actually, I will be oving. I need to go home for a bit and see family memebers I haven’t seen in a very long time. Or they are going to guilt trip me forever.

I plan on being back in a couple of weeks but with a new job possibly. I hope for public school but I may have to go with a hagwon for a little bit. A good one where people actually resign with and are happy.

Preferably with elementary and in or very near Seoul (none of that 2 hour subway trip crap).

All my classes are in Seoul and so are my clothes.

Oh yeah, after they graduate, I go back to deskwarming till sometime in March when school starts all over again.

– DN



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