Lunar New Year Plans….

2nd –
Get hair braided again.
Go meet friend at Coex around lunch time 12ish – maybe 1, I hope. Been wanting Omurice. Restaurant or food court…both delicious.

After, go to Starbucks near where the old JTUNE Camp was, like I was walking to Cheungdam station exit 6 I forgot what it was called, but it was nice and they have good White chocolate Mocha (MY FAVE!)

I will probably stay there a bit and study Korean… try to study Korean. If it is really cold I will go to the cafe Coffee Bean or something like that next to the Hawaii Hotel. That way I won’t have to walk too far.

May see a movie at COEX. They have a nice theater or I may just go back down to Suwon and do it. I’ll see about the movie. I may just do it in Seoul. Samseong is like my favorite place to hang out. I like it there.

3rd – supposed to meet friend in Seoul.

4th – maybe meet friend in Seoul.

5th and 6th – may be back in Seoul depends on friend.

Rather go back on the 18th when I have more money and can stay at the hotel for 2 days.

…. 4 1/2 more months left till my contract here is up. Hopefully, I will have a new job in or near Seoul since I am up there so much.

– DN


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