Days off and Winter Vacation

Stayed in Seoul at the usual place and went out with Little Bothers from Another Mother (LBFAM).

Max and John (blue jacket)

Max is such a gentleman and very sweet and John is a sweetheart too. Max is 25 and John is 26, that s why they have the little brother title. Apparently Max is built to. I didn’t know till John pointed it out teasing him. I won’t know till it gets warmer though. I only know he has good arms from the way his jacket fit his arm.

Here is some food that we ate:

John said it was way too spicy, even for him. He couldn’t finish it. I am sure it was good though.

Here are the places we visited:

I help them both with their English and they are helping me with Korean. Which means I better study or I will get fussed at by the little brothers.

Yesterday, I went to Lotte World. It was fun but I don’t have pictures. I had my camera but apparently I left the battery at home charging. I could have swore I put it in the camera. By the way, the Terror House was terrifying. It probably didn’t help that we didn’t understand what was being said either. It as pitch dark in there with creepy noises. We went in as a group and were scared out our minds. It was fun though. Next time I go I will take pictures.



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