Payday, bills, and whims…and a little bit on Cafe Guy and the Cafe

My hair is a little past my neck now. And I can put it up in a real pony tail and have a little bush. ^___^

Takes 3 hours to straighten though since I am natural and I think my hair has gotten even thicker. I am going to find a salon and pay someone else to do it.

Any way…

Today was payday. Some people were curious how much bills run here. Too pay all my bills in Korea it takes around $150 to $200. Depends on what I was doing. I was sick for a month and a half, since I was always cold I had the heater on high as well as an electric blanket. Now that I am better that should go down to half of what I paid this month. I had to pay 2 months worth on cable and internet because I inadvertently sent the bil back because the previous teachers name was on it. I didn’t realize it is the bill for the cable and internet. Here, you take over everything for the other teacher. If you want it switched or off you have to ask your Korean coworker, unless you are fluent in Korean. It causes less hassle. This month I paid around $300 for everything together and that is rounding up. I pay bills by the bill atm machine and it is so easy and I paid them all within 2 – 3 minutes. It is all in Korean, but I know what buttons to push. One day I will do a video, if anyone is interested in it. Plus, it is easy to send money home when you go inside the bank and do it. It goes faster if you done it before and have your receipt it cuts down time. They know me and they know around what date I will come in to send money and it takes about minutes to get it done now. If you miss when the bank is open you could transfer money to your overseas account by the ATM, but it is very complicated. Even the bank teller told me so and said it is easier and quicker to come inside the bank.


After all that I went to the movies in Suwon. The subway, metro and Mall is in the same building. Just go upstairs. I went to see Season of the Witch. It sucks and was boring (x infinity). I kept nodding off and so did the Korean guy next to me. Apparently, I can understand Korean when I am half sleep or not paying full attention, since I clearly heard his friend say “She fell asleep.” Was going to see Megamind, but I looked at the seats I could guess plenty of kids were in there and the thought of having my seat kicked…Umm…No. I’ll see it later.

Before the movie though, I went to the Cafe. It’s on the same floor as the movie theater so I don’t have to walk far to make the movie. I made a few observations, that I didn’t notice before:

    Cafe Guy wears a name tag, but I couldn’t read it without staring at him for a bit. I can read Korean but not that fast yet. I am working on it.
    There is a new guy there who watches me too. He is too young and too short for my taste. But he is a bit cute. I think this was his first day and he was nervous.
    There is only two pictures in that cafe: one is of fruit and the other is a painting of African Americans kneeling at a table with vases.
    I also noticed tall figurines of African Americans performing. THey are standalone ones that fit together. There are 4 men each playing a different instrument and the last one in the middle was a women in a red dress singing.

I am not sure if this is new or not because I usually sit on a different side. It was kind of busy today so I sat on the other side. The figurines are in the front of the cafe and displayed prominently along with the picture.

I am not sure if it has always been there or if it is because I frequent the place. I was distracted a bit. You understand. I am starting to notice more POC’s (especially Black) are being displayed in places I go a lot. I will keep looking.

Oh yeah, I bought a new computer because my main one is dying. I think I work it too hard. SO I will use my main for play and the new one for work…mostly and play.

– DN


3 comments on “Payday, bills, and whims…and a little bit on Cafe Guy and the Cafe

  1. Hey, charise

    I liked what you wrote. I laughed at the part when yo were talking about how long it took to do you hair. I get a perm and it still takes me about the same amount of time,lol.
    I am also happy that you were able to get your computer too. It is really cute and pretty. I hope it didnt cost to much.
    Well, anyway I will chat with you later.



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