Out with PCRG

Went out with PCRG today.

Not a date.

We are learning each others language. Well, I help him with English conversation and he teaches me Korean.

I repeat… NOT. A. DATE.

I am the same age as his older sister (whom I will meet eventually) and I don’t really date guys younger than me. They have to be on my level for that and then some.

We talked and walked around a bit.

Apparently, I knew a couple places around Seoul he never noticed or been to. I explore a lot when I walk around there.

We will see each other again in 5 days. His friend may come with us and guide us around because he knows more places.

Here are a few pics of where we went.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another Note:
Brown Eyed Soul is having a concert here the for Valentines. I noticed a sign and he told me what it was. I expressed how I hate Valentine’s Day. He asked me why. I said if you have no one to celebrate it with, it is irritating. I asked if he had someone to celebrate it with and he replied last time he did now he doesn’t, so he understands my annoyance with it. He asked if there was anyone I was interested in and I told him yeah, but I am not sure if the guy likes me. Some Asian guys won’t approach a foreigner woman because they are not sure if they have a chance. He asked if the guy spoke English and I replied I am not sure, he hadn’t really spoken to me too much. PCRG said “You have to find out! I will teach you Korean and you will get a Korean boyfriend soon!”


Later, I went to the cafe because I thought it closed at 10. Turns out Cafe Guy speaks very little English, so I need to learn Korean.


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