I have been asked repeatedly on my interactions here with the Korean men here. Now I actually have something to tell you now that I have been here for almost 9 months.

1. Movie Theater Guy (I don’t know his name, never got it and I can’t tell you what he looks like completely.)

I was in the movie theater watching TRON. In Korea, when you buy your movie ticket you also pick your seat. Your movie ticket has your seat row and number on it. It was near the end of the movie and I say MTG walking up the stairs, he slowed down when he saw me and sat next to me. He passed by 5 empty rows to sit next to me. Well, he was breathing like he was working up his nerve to say something to me but the movie kept getting louder and if he tried to get my attention I couldn’t hear him. I guess when he tried to talk to me the movie got even louder and he got up like “DAMMIT!”. You know how you get up when you say that, that is how he got up.

2. Cafe Guy (Cute and hot at the same time and I am not sure how he pulls it off. Maybe its the uniform.)

CG works at a cafe I go to when I wait on the movie to start. I like this cafe because they have good peppermint tea and now I don’t have to go all the way to Gangnam to get it. Plus, he is nice to look at. CG is always watching what I am doing while I am in there. I am not doing anything interesting mind you. I am writing on my notebook, drinking my tea and listening to my music. He walks to my table with a different walk then he does with the other tables. He walks up to me with a swagger walk and a slight smile. He hasn’t really said anything to me yet, but I’ve only been there twice. One person at that cafe does have my contact information. He may get my information from her if he is really interested.

3. PC Room Guy

I was checking on the package for my friends at CloudUSA and wanted to make sure it got there and deliver my part of the package. I was sick while they were doing this so I did not send it in with theirs. I went to the PC Room I knew of after seeing that the building I was going into was under construction. The guy that worked there did not know much English so he got his friend to help me. His friend is PCRG, that is what I will call him. PCRG helped me find what I was looking for and even got directions for me. After all was said and done he asked for my contact information to help him improve his English. He speaks fluent English to the point that I had to ask if he was from America or just studied there. So we will be meeting up eventually and I will post about that later.

That is all I have for you now. Well, besides the guy at the ticket counter winking at me when I asked for a specific type of seat at the train station.

Later people.

– DN


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